Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Repost About Plan "B"...

I wanted to repost this piece because I have the real need lately for a plan "B".
Hope you don't mind!!!

My friend Blondie said something yesterday that got me to thinking. She said “Time for plan B”. Plan B ? Do I have a plan B? Do I even have a plan A? I mean, I must have a plan A! If you have any plan at all, then by default it must be plan A, right?

How many plans am I supposed to have, anyway? I mean, I plainly need a plan A and a plan B. Plan B must be very important because people are always talking about it. They say things like “Time for plan B” or “What's plan B?” or “ If something goes wrong, then we switch to plan B!”. I don't ever remember anyone saying anything about a plan C. Usually if plan B doesn't work out, then someone most likely says “ Now what?”...at least that's what they do in the movies!

And what about the Secret Plan? I get the impression that only the Bad Guys have a Secret Plan, as I only see Bad Guys ever talking about the Secret Plans. I guess the Good Guys are sticking with the plan A and plan B routine. Maybe that's what they teach in Good Guy School!

I get confused about the Secret Plan because if I have this figured right, the Bad Guys nearly always have a gang. At the very least, they seem to have a flunky or right hand man. Now if the Bad Guys share the Secret Plan with the other Bad Guys in their gang, then the plan can't be secret, right? I mean, the very act of sharing the plan seems to do away with the secret part. At least that's how it seems to me.

I'm pretty sure that I am a Good Guy, because I don't have a Secret Plan. If I do, it's so secret even I don't know about it! I think that I must have a plan A, even though I never really called it that. But the fact that most of the things I do in life seem to follow some sort of plan, then I must have plan A.

It's this plan B thing that has me baffled. I am determined to find out if I have a plan B, and if I have plan B where would I have put it? Do I have a file somewhere marked “Plan B”? I would think that plan B should be very easy to get to since it seems to be so important.

Do you see why I'm a little confused? I think I'll just get some fresh coffee, sit on the patio and enjoy the morning. Whadda ya think...sound like a plan?


Ozark Momma said...

Dear me...feeling a little perplexed this a.m. HJ? Now that I'm thoroughly confugled about plan A,B and secret...I'm a bit glad that I lay out a gazillion possibilities and work from there, lol. Never once thought that my constantly running brain would come in handy for that!!

Just polished off the last of the joe in the pot here...care to share?

HermitJim said...

Hey Momma...always glad to share the coffee and confusion with ya! Sometimes I seem to get going in so many different directions, I lose track of where it was I wanted to go!

Glad you came by this morning...now let's fill up your cup!

A World Quite Mad said...

I usually have a myriad of plans in my head for different things, but I don't name them A and B. I'd run out of alphabet real quick if I did so. I don't really name my plans though, maybe that's my problem. I should start naming them :D

Pass the coffee, I'm having a hard time concentrating on my work ;)

HermitJim said...

Hey Mad...I know what you mean about concentration being a problem. I guess it's the over abundance of rain that we've had lately in Houston, but I am having a hard time staying focused.

Of course, on my best days my mind wanders a bit! Oh well...such is life!

Thanks for coming by today!

blondie said...


Didn't pay attn to the re-post part. Started reading it and went "mmmmm"

Believe it or not, I DO remember that post from when you posted it the first time.

Still a good thought (and chuckle)

ps are you flooded?


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...glad yo remember the post...

I just left the link to your site in it. I hope you don't mind!

Yep...we are in SERIOUS trouble in parts of town. Many road and streets are completely flooded, a lot of cars under water in drainage ditches (some still have people in them) and more rain on the way!

Say a prayer for the folks that are trapped out in this stuff!

Thanks for the visit, my friend!

JoJo said...

Well now I think your plan B is to sit on the patio and drink coffee with your friends. But if you are having all that rain will we get wet? Now we need a new plan. Plan C is to come over here and we can sit on the porch, I'll brew a new pot. Isn't it grand when at least one plan comes forth and works?

HermitJim said...

Hey JoJo...I like your plan B and C...may have to use your porch today!

Like Hannibal used to say on the show "A TEAM"..." I love it when a plan comes together!"

Rod said...

Interesting thought pattern there Jim.
Here is my 2 cents worth.
Plan A is my original idea.
Well since plan A never works that way I then start changing it and guess I end up going through most of the letters and then when I do finish the plan it could be considered the secret plan because it very seldom resembles the original plan.
There now I have you really confused. Better start another pot.


HermitJim said...

Hey Rod...maybe we should just forget the coffee, and go straight to the little brown jug!

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Stephanie in AR said...

Me, I think it started with the be organized movement. Around here the old timers make a plan then finish with "Lord willing & the creek don't rise". So plan A is what you wnat to do and everything else is if the creek rises. Coffee is a plan B - unless its plan A then the rest is plan B. ;)

HermitJim said...

Hey Stephanie...all my plans HAVE to include the coffee...that's a given!

But you know the old saying "best laid plans of mice and men go oft' astray"

Meadowlark said...

I have many, many plans - with backups for different contingencies.

And I WOULD have secret plans, but I'm a terrible secret keeper.


HermitJim said...

Hey Meadowlark...backup plans are always good. I'm wondering if they get their own letter, or are they listed as a sub plan...like "plan A-1, A-2 ?

My memory isn't good enough for a secret paln. Guess I'll just have to make do!

Thanks for the visit!

Meadowlark said...

Sub-plans and marked as such. Sorry. I got sidetracked.

Actually, I had a short story about a wife who had a file cabinet full of envelopes with events, then sub-options spidering out from each of those, which were all responses to possible scenarios where cop-husband might be killed.

Um, not that I know anybody THAT deranged. ;) At least not as far as writing it down.

HermitJim said...

Hey Lark...sounds as if that lady might need to get a hobby!

Anonymous said...

How about we put on some ABBA while we discuss this? Just joking. If you did, we'd be meeting ourselves going backwards and forwards, and really be confused!

I like to use more of a zen approach, grasshopper. I am water; I set my eyes on a goal in the distance, then flow into, under, over, around, or through anything that's between me and my goal.

I like to keep my plans flexible. It makes it easier to dance to ... ABBA. ;-)


HermitJim said...

Hey Wac...flexible worksfor me, mostly out of necessity! ABBA most definitely works...love that group! I wish that they had stayed together

The Zen approach sounds interesting...almost like a battle plan!

Thanks for the visit, my friend!

Dragon said...

I had a plan A and a plan B....Somewhere after Plan Z, I started to number them..
Now I is up to Plan9...Grin

HermitJim said...

Hey Dragon...now why didn't I think of that? Easy, but effective...that's the way I like it!

js said...

Jim, consider not having a plan. Consider trusting in the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Buddha, whoever represents the Divine on this plane, in this realm, in this world for you.

There will be some point where you will actually choose to surrender fully to the Divine, or be forced to. Which do you want? I don't mean this in a harsh way, I just know that one must surrender to the Divine fully, as one is not in control, at all, in this world.

There is quite the literature on that, and even some movies, like one where Stephen Hopkins is involved in some Gorilla theme... Memory is faint. Sorry.

Consider it.


HermitJim said...

JS...have you totally lost whatever sense of humor you might have had? This post wasw written as primarily an exercise in humor. True, it may have not been that funny, but was in no way meantg to be taken as a plea for help or as a platform for whatever religious help you are trying to pass on to who ever!

Please, take things just as they are offered...and stop trying to read all my postings as a request for guidance or for a lecture.

I appreciate your visit, but try and stay on track with the comments, OK?

JoJo said...

hmmmmm that was strange. ;-{

David said...

Hey Jim,
Interesting thoughts. BUT, don't over-think things. You have a plan A. It looks like this. A1) Buy a piece of property in a sparsely populated area. A2) Build a comfy, utilitarian cabin on said property.
A3)Establish the ability to provide light and heat and energy ( cooking capabilities) on a consistent basis, A4) keep yourself on-line via the internet so all your friends can have the privilege of staying in touch with you each day.
Plan B is to find another way of achieving the items listed in plan A.
Remember Always: Keep it simple, St****
Things will always turn out better that way.
Best Regards


HermitJim said...

Hey JoJo...sorry about that! I normally don't let this sort of thing get to me. My reaction may have been a bit strong, ya think?

HermitJim said...

Hey David...sounds like good advice to me. Keeping it simple is something I can do pretty well, I'm thinking!

Really appreciate you dropping in today!

Ashley said...

Thank you! Now, not only do I know why everyone finds me so annoying, but I know where I get it from. :-D


Catman said...

Plan A: Shoot at it

Plan B: Resort to larger caliber

Plan C: Call in artillery

Plan D: Napalm

Plan E: Strategic withdrawal

HermitJim said...

You reckon that I passed this on, do you?More than likely I gopt it from your mother, and then gave it to you!

HermitJim said...

Hey Catman...just wondering at what point we come up with the plan "RUN LIKE HELL" ??

What number do I call that one again? I forget...!

Hey, thanks for the breakdown and the input...

JoJo said...

you over reacting don't think so. I didn't think you were the strange one. And no you weren't to strong with your reply either. :-)

HermitJim said...

Hey, thank you, Darlin'. I sure am glad to have you here to keep me pumped up ego-wise!

Sometimes folks just want to take things too seriously, ya know?

JoJo said...

yes they do and life is soooooooooo short as it is. You have pleasant dreams see you at the coffee pot in the morning. Time to go read some of my book on party girls in the yukon early 1900s.

Dragon said...

Thens there's Ripley's plan... Back off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

HermitJim said...

Dragon...that's probably the safest plan so far! Would certainly take care of most anything...baring any mutations!

Thanks for the visit, Dragon...

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Now that I think about it, I don't think I have ever gone with plan A myself, or plan B for that matter. I think it usually ends up a little further down the alphabet.

shinerbock said...

Tell you what Jim, you can just come here and join my gang. I'll even let you in on my secret plan. It has something to do with Jim Beam I think.

HermitJim said...

Hey FGH...
Sometimes you just have to fly by the seat of your pants!

Thanks fort the visit, buddy!

Hey Shinerbock...
If it involves Jim Beam, you know I'm there!

Thanks, my man!