Monday, April 6, 2009

More Wisdom From The "Farmer's Almanac"...

I know I should come up with something other than another bit of wisdom from the Almanac, but it is just so timely I couldn't help it.

This is some very good information and I hope you can use it.

April — Promise of Spring

April comes from the Latin word aperio, meaning “to open or bud,” because plants begin to grow this month.

Spring festivals around the world, from Easter and Passover to Arbor Day, celebrate the season’s renewal of life.

Weather in the Northern Hemisphere can be capricious—an optimist’s dream and a poet’s inspiration.

Mark this month by baking a rhubarb pie, planting peas and potatoes, and tossing the first green leaves of dandelions into a salad.

Naturalist Hal Borland wrote, “April is a promise that May is bound to keep.” With that in mind, plant shade trees now to please posterity and dwarf fruit trees, lilac bushes, and roses to please yourself.

Teach a child to fish; adopt a kitten; volunteer at your community soup kitchen; fly a kite; learn to throw a curveball. It’s April, after all!

Now, what do you say to a fresh cup of coffee, my friend ?


tsiya said...

This is the flower month to the Cherokee, it is a glorius time, the Earth wakes up and shines!

JoJo said...

Good morning,
Yes time to plant and make a beautiful salad for the javelina's
LOL . Since I hope not to spend to much time here in tohottoosoon, I will keep planting down. I do love this time of year. The desert should be in full bloom soon. And we had a good wet winter.
Have a Great day Jim.

HermitJim said...

Hey Tslya...glad to see you this morning. No doubt it is a beautiful time of year with everything blooming and the garden starting out!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...I'll bet the desert is in full bloom, or soon will ber. Have you recieved much rain to water it?

I'm saving my gardening efforts until I move. My nephew is using my old garden spot and doing quite well with it.

Thanks, my friend, for coming by!

JoJo said...

Yes we had some good rains this winter so it will be grand I'm sure. I hope you get to your new place soon so you can get the garden in. I was looking at Tslya's blog but he has one of those touchy sign in's and I don't know what it wants. I wish everyone's was as easy as yours.
Hey lets have some coffee I will do anything not to get moving today

HermitJim said...

I try and make it as easy as possible to sign in and all...I would not have a sign in at all if Google didn't insist on it.

Fresh coffee coming up! It is 50 right now and supposed to get in the 40s tonight. The rest of the week is forcasted to be in the 80s.

Crazy weather!

blondie said...

Tried to post earlier and couldn't.

You're a doll!
Wish I had the "spring" in my step that you do.

HermitJim said...

Hey Colorado Cutie! Good of you to drop by today!

Guess you have snow there in Colorado today again! Wish I could send you some better weather.

Thanks for coming by!