Saturday, April 4, 2009

Now That Was Fun...!

I've heard the expression "a bug up his butt" and "ants in his pants", but I have to admit that I never had a full understanding of these two saying until Friday!

I always thought that the first saying had to do with someone being upset! You know, being impatient to get things going, maybe just a little angry...

And the second saying I always believed to be referring to someone that couldn't sit still, always in a hurry. Does that sound about right to you?

Well, maybe Friday was a day for omens and such! Here's what happened. I was sitting at the computer when I noticed a sharp little sticking on my leg, like a grass burr. Almost like a pin prick. Thinking that maybe one of the cats had brought in a grass burr on their fur, and that maybe it had gotten transferred to my pant leg, I got up and felt the back of my jeans but felt nothing.

Sitting back down, I was there for just a minute when I felt it again, only lower on my leg. As I stood up again, it became much sharper and seemed to be I dropped my jeans and looked, nothing!

Just as I was pulling up my jeans again, I was again attacked by this sensation! Now, in a near panic state, I came out of my jeans quicker than if they had been on fire! At least, what I imagined I would do if my pants were on fire as I have yet to experience that!

The minute I jerked my pants off, a big, fat, fast crawling June Bug fell out of the pant leg! Now, I have no idea how that rascal got got in my pants, but I have to admit that my knowledge of just how tough those creatures are was greatly expanded !

Evidently, I had been sitting on him and instead of being squashed, he was just trying to crawl away! Trouble is, these bugs have some wicked little stickers on their feet! That's what I was feeling.

Anyway, it got my attention! Got the old juices flowing, ya know? Just reminded me that nature has a way of working things out for all of her creatures most of the time...from the lowly June Bug, all the way to the big, dumb two legged kind like me. The message She was giving me? Pay attention ! Pay attention to everything! All the time!

Oh, and one more message...practise taking off my pants in a hurry! Message received, loud and clear!

Now, let's get a fresh cup of coffee, my friend!


Will B of Dublin said...

Hi Jim, I know all about having to take pants off in a hurry! I used to keep bees, and sometimes when working on a hive , and in spite of trouser ends well tucked in to boots, one or more bees would somehow get in. Nothing induces panic quicker than bees crawling up your leg; and the higher they get, the more intense the panic! So you have to get them off fast, all the time waiting for the sting. So I sympathise with your position! Best regards, Will

Anonymous said...

Here's why you've been "antsy".

Did it MY way said...

Fire ants make you move fast to.

JoJo said...

Good morning HJ,
Thanks for the smile. I remembered standing on the wrong side and an ant hill got stung pretty bad and had to pull off my pant right there and then.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Mother nature will use different things to make a point or tell us something.

Is it normal for you to have June bugs at this time of the year? If not, Ma nature is trying to tell you something.

Beth said...

And just who said old men (your definition,not mine) couldn't move fast?

HermitJim said...

Hey Will...many thanks for stopping in! I think that maybe the fear of the unknown may have added to the speed in which I shed the trousers, but I can see where a bee crawling up the pants would do it!

Hey YOF...thanks for the link this morning...and thanks for coming by as well!

Hey Tony...I can definitely see the fire ants making me move like a track star. Too many up close and personal experiences with fire ants!

Thanks for the visit.

Hey JoJo...hope you were around friends! Nothing makes you more humble than having to shed your pants in public!

Thanks for coming by today, my friend!

Hey Eddie...I think this time of the year June Bugs are pretty common, but I never expected to have one in my pants! A real "moving " experience!

Thanks for coming by!

Hey Sis...still got a little speedleft in me, especially with the proper motivation!

Good to see you this morning!

Degringolade said...

Now that made me giggle.

When you are my age, getting your pants off quickly isn't nearly as important as it was in my younger years.

But, you have made me see the light....practice it is, now if I can just find a good reason.....

HermitJim said...

Hey Degringolade...if you need some help, I can catch and send some June Bugs to ya! Just drop one or two in your pants and let the fun begin!

Thanks for coming by!

Ozark Momma said...

Oh gave me a giggle for sure! Say, did you tie a string on it and take it outside for a fly around? My favorite spring activity as a kid...hi-larious to a six year old!!

Top 'er off HJ, have to go to the parental units to get the screamers and need a cuppa to keep me sane!!

HermitJim said...

Hey string on him. The cats like to play with them when one is in... don't mind them except when they climb into my pant leg!

Good luck on keeping up with the screamers!