Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cartoons For The First Day Of Daylight Savings Time...!

As usual, it's time for the Sunday 'toons.

Today we have some slightly off-beat 'toons. Something a little different to keep us from getting bored, ya know?

Hold on...there's more to come!

I told ya they would be a little off-beat!

How about one more?

Well, those wern't too bad, were they? Gotta love something a little different once and a while.

Coffee out on the patio again this morning! Have a good one!


Chickenmom said...

Just so cute - now I know why it rains! LOL
Patio sounds good - I'll bring the Dunkins!

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Never know what you might learn here.

Donuts are always welcome.
Thanks for coming by today!

JO said...

Yes they were different animation is amazing.

Which the painter would get finished with the porch already missing lots of beautiful mornings out there. But I will continue to come over to your patio

Mamahen said...

Different but cute!! Donuts warm patio bottomless coffee pot n good company ....sounds like a perfect morning to me....except not a a fan of DST.... think they should leave it one way or the other :))