Thursday, March 12, 2015

Do The Sitting Rising Test...!

Some folks really want to know just how long they have left. I'm not one of them. Figure I'm better off not knowing.

What's the point in knowing when you are going to be gone? I figure that when it's time, I'll have to go. I can't really control that, ya now? No need worrying about something you can't control!

Your Friends Can Tell You How Long You’ll Probably Live
By Heather Ramsey on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You can go to the doctor, read all the latest medical news, and obsess over your health all you want. But a recent study shows that your friends, especially close ones, can tell how long you’ll live based on your personality in your twenties. If you’re a man whose friends see you as open and conscientious, you’ll probably live longer. For women, you want your friends to see you as agreeable and emotionally stable.

We’re always looking for new ways to predict how healthy we are and how long we’ll live. Some of the more recent news tells us that our life spans can be predicted by chemical changes that occur in our bodies as we age. By analyzing blood samples for methylation, a chemical change that affects how certain genes are turned on or off, we can come up with a biological age for any individual. If your biological age is greater than your actual age, then you’ll probably die sooner than someone whose biological age equals his or her actual age.

Unfortunately, that test requires a trip to the doctor. If you want to skip the doctor, you can try a simple test called the Sitting Rising Test (SRT). Invented by a doctor in Brazil, the SRT is supposed to predict the probability that you’ll die within five years. To take the test, you cross your feet and sit on the floor for five points. Then you get back up for another five points. You lose a point every time you use a hand, arm, or knee to help you. Another half point is deducted each time you lose your balance, whether sitting down or getting up. Every point is worth a 21 percent reduction in your risk of dying.

But there’s an even easier way to predict your longevity, and if you’re a people person, it’s a lot more fun. It’s based on the results of a 75-year study that shows your friends are better at predicting how long you’ll live than you are. Washington University psychologists looked at data from the 1930s through 2013 concerning the health of 600 men and women. When the study began, the participants were in their mid-twenties with most engaged to be married. The participants and their close friends, which included members of their wedding parties, rated the personality traits of people in the study.

Combining this information with follow-up studies from the original research as well as death certificates, the psychologists came to a surprising conclusion: Your friends, especially close ones, can tell how long you’ll live based on your personality in your twenties. If you’re a man whose friends see you as open and conscientious, you’ll probably live longer. For women, you want your friends to see you as agreeable and emotionally stable.

The researchers believe your friends are better than you at predicting your life span for a couple of reasons. “First, friends may see something that you miss; they may have some insight that you do not,” said psychologist Joshua Jackson. “Second, because people have multiple friends, we are able to average the idiosyncrasies of any one friend to obtain a more reliable assessment of personality. With self reports, people may be biased or miss certain aspects of themselves and we are not able to counteract that because there is only one you, only one self-report.”

We can thank the folks over at KnowledgeNuts for the test. I have to say, take it at your own discretion and take the results with a grain of salt...know what I mean?

Coffee in the kitchen again this morning. Early rain predicted...bummer!


Judy said...

The first time I read about the STR test I had to laugh. I messed up a knee 40 years ago. Doc told me I need to remember how I got off the floor as a baby/toddler and start using the same 4-point method to keep the strain off my knee. According to that test I should have died years ago.

I'm in the mood for some brownies with my coffee today. Anyone else?

linda m said...

I tried the test and had to use a hand, arm, knee and pull like heck on the chair. Guess I will be dying soon. It's been nice knowing all of you. Haha Brownies would be wonderful with my coffee. Thanks Judy.

Mamahen said...

Well old arthur first hit me a the age of 13 n been using arms to help get up every since so that test didnt do much for me....but brownies yummm yes please :))

JO said...

I won't bother with the test like you who cares when its time its time. I haven't been able to get off the floor for over 20 yrs with the bad knees.

Lets have that wonderful coffee in the kitchen and be glad we can. haha Cloudy here but they say no rain so it will I'm sure

HermitJim said...

Hey Judy...
Brownies sure sounds good to me! My knees keep me from doing the test, and I really don't want to know the answer!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Linda M...
Like I said...take the test results with a grain of salt!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Mamahen...
Never know when the reaper is going to show up.

Brownies sure help to get through the day!

Thanks for the visit this morning!

Hey Jo...
Like you I think my knees got old faster than the rest of me.

Thanks, sweetie, for stopping by today!

2 Tramps said...

Guess I had better go pick out my urn - I would probably already be considered dead by that test! I blew my knee just about a year ago and am lucky to be walking let alone doing that STR test. Sure wish these folks would put their efforts into curing us rather than calculating our deaths!!