Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Doc Susie" Anderson..!

Not many of us ever gave thought to the women of the medical profession in the past. Maybe because there weren't that many.

Most of the medical women of old were very fondly remembered. That was the case of "Doc Susie." I'd say she made a lasting impression on quite a few folks in her long career.

Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson

Photo via Wikipedia

Few women practiced medicine in the 1800s, and even fewer trekked on foot through the frontier to tend to patients, but that is exactly what Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson did.

Susan’s father encouraged her to become a doctor and paid for her education at the University of Michigan. After earning her medical degree, Susan decided to move back to Cripple Creek, Colorado with her family to begin a medical practice. She quickly earned a reputation as a skilled physician, often helping injured miners.

After numerous personal setbacks, Susan left the roughneck mining town to practice medicine in Denver. Despite her skill, she was unable to establish a steady practice and instead ended up nursing for six years in Greeley, Colorado. Years before, Susan had contracted tuberculosis, and she decided that the high altitudes of Fraser, Colorado would better suit her condition. It was in Fraser that Susan really flourished as a physician and earned the nickname “Doc Susie.” Because her patients were often poor, Susan was usually paid in food or firewood. With little monetary income, Susan was fairly destitute herself until she was named the Grand County Coroner. This medicine woman continued to make house calls until the age of 84

Now this is a case of someone that is very dedicated to their profession and my hat is certainly off to them. I can't even imagine a doctor today making house calls, especially at the age of 84. Sure could use a few like her today!

Coffee in the kitchen this morning, I think. 94% chance of rain!


Mamahen said...

Good post...sounds like quite a woman and very pretty too......As you said, w could use more like her :))

HermitJim said...

Hey Mamahen...
She was certainly pretty...I'd even say beautiful. Had a heart of gold as well!

God bless Doc Susie!

Thanks for coming by this morning!

Chickenmom said...

Good woman! I remember our doctor coming for house visits. He always had a lollypop for us stashed away in that mysterious bag he always carried. Had 4 or 5 inches of snow yesterday - 'hope that is last of it!

JO said...

Never heard of this Dr. Susie before thanks for sharing.

Bit nippy this morning but should turn into a beautiful day.

Dizzy-Dick said...

She sure was a dedicated person. I will give my age away by telling you that when I was a boy, doctors made house calls. Yes, really!!

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
I can't believe you are still getting snow! Spring type weather all around here with lots of rain!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Jo...
Supposed to be sunny tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Thanks, sweetie, for dropping in today!

Hey Dizzy...
Like you I can remember the doc coming to our house a couple of times!

Thanks, buddy, for stopping in!