Monday, January 2, 2012

I'll Admit, I'm Cheap...!

I'm not saying that I'm cheap, but like it or not...I Am!

I don't remember where I found out about this site, but I'm really glad that I found it. At least, I think I'm glad ! This site can be addictive!

For a while now, my coffee maker has been acting strangely. So, being the coffee lover that I am, I needed to convince myself to get a new one. Trouble is, Christmas was upon us and I had to place the new pot on the back pun intended!

After signing up on this site and getting started in the bidding process, I managed to win two items on my first night! This brand new coffee pot cost me a grand total of $.23 cents! Even with the shipping fee, which was resonable, I still ended up paying less than $10.00! Pretty cool!

My second item was a $25 gift card from WalMart...$2.99 total! Pretty cheap way to pick up some nice gifts, ya know? You might want to go by and see everything that they are auctioning off. If you do it right and get lucky like I did, you might get a bargain! QuiBids!

If you decide to go over and try your luck, just remember...I told you it was addicting, OK?

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. It's foggy and chilly on the patio!


Anonymous said...

Great buy - such a deal! Thats as close to free as you can get in my book.

Ken said...

...i prefer the term frugal,"cheap" sounds so(?)...well,cheap...

...otoh,new coffee pot coffee,is the best huh?

Momlady said...

I've thought about it but I don't want to use my credit card right now as I'm trying to pay it off.

Ben in Texas said...

I'll admit it,, I AM cheap!
Took a look at the site you posted. AND almost signed up but, they wanted a credit card number? Just to get registered? nope, I'll pass. Thanks though.

Western Mass. Man said...

Just be careful on those sites.
It is very easy to get caught up in them. They charge for each bid. Its usually .01 per bid and the bidding process can go on and on.
After each bid, it adds 10 sec. to the countdown.

I have read many people were forced to stay up all night to stay in the bid process. You can easily lose an item just getting up and going to the bathroom.

Just keep in mind it costs you money to bid. Spend an hour or 2 bidding on an item and it can easily cost a couple dollars to get nothing.

JOJO said...

Nice coffee maker. Hope it works well for you.
I'm not much into those sites, don't even like e-bay.
But I like having good coffee with a good friend so lets have a full cup here please.
Winds a blowin here again.

HermitJim said...

Hey Anon 6:16...
I thought it was pretty good timing myself!

Actually, these are prices even I can afford!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

Hey Ken...
I've never had this brand before, but judging from the retail cost at various sites it must be good!

I think that cheap or frugal are both acceptable in my case! Too bad this site doesn't sell firearms!

Thanks, my friend, for coming by today!

Hey Momlady...
I can certainly understand that! An old tradition is to start the new year of being "square with every man!"

Besides, paying off debt is always a good idea in my book! Not incurring new debt is even better!

Thanks, lady, for dropping by today!

Hey Ben...
It's a lot of fun, but you certainly have to use a lot of common sense on any site like that!

It is fun, but watching for the right time to bid is time consuming! Still, I needed the new coffee pot!

Sometimes cheap is good! Thanks, buddy, for coming by today!

Hey Western Mass. Man...
That's why I like this site's way of only using bids you have already paid for.

One thing I do like is the automatic bid feature! Instead of having to watch the whole bidding process, you can see what the past items have sold for, start the autobid feature at the amount you chose, and use only the number of bids you chose to! That way you can go do something else!

Sorta like online gambling where a LOT of common sense is important!

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
I've been using Ebay for years...even sold on them a few times! Always had good luck!

New coffee pot should be here today and I'll certainly keep you posted! Gotta have that coffee!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over today!

linda m said...

Nice going ,Jim! And there is nothing wrong with being "frugal" in these tough economic times. It is very cold 17 degrees and very windy here in WI so I'll have my coffee inside this morning.

TROUBLEnTX said...

Funny, in today's paper is a piece about Clark Howard's Living Large in Lean Times, lol, The El Cheapo Man,,
Heck, i grew up that way, like everybody else did here, in the
50s. Just a way of life. Had fun all the way, toooo.

TROUBLEnTX said...

Think you better read the fine print, it costs .60 each bid, plus the .01 for something else, and you have to prepay for bids. Not a good site, as far as i'm concerned. Didn't stay long enough to find out how you can stop your bidding.

HermitJim said...

Hey Trouble...
You don't really think I would join a site unless I had read all the fine print, do ya?

Hell, not only did I read it, but I have been using the site for several days now.

Stop the bidding? Just like any auction, when you want to stop your just stop bidding!

It's not for everyone and I explained that in my disclaimer on today's post! At least, I thought I did.

Sorry I gave the impression that I don't have any common sense, but I do! Not much but a little!

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!