Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Little Extra Cash...!

From time to time, I find myself wanting something beyond my budget. That's when having a second source of income comes in handy!

As you can imagine, I use the Internet for making money for my "toys!" Now, by toys I mean anything from extra preps to extra computers. Heck, sometimes I even make enough to cover Christmas and birthdays! That's a good thing! I'm on the Internet a lot of the day anyway, so by being selective and choosing only proven programs...I can make the best of my work day!

Yes, I said work! Making money on the web is like any other job, in the fact that you do have to work at it! The payoff can be well worth it, though! I don't talk about this aspect of my programs. I used to, but for one reason or another, I stopped! Today, I wanted to tell you about a couple of my favorite programs. These are the ones that I use the most, and so far have been the most consistent for both profit and reliability!

You may or may not ever want to use any of these, but if you have any questions, you can certainly let me know and I'll answer any questions that I can!

Clixsense has always been a site I visit off and on all day. I use the tool bar to always be informed when new ads are available, and there are many ways to earn here! It's been around a long time and that's important! This is a good one!

NeoBux is another site that can pay off in a big way. Earnings can come quickly and they seem to be stable. I've never had any problems and I enjoy the extra money that come regularly! Another good one!

I have one more to tell you about, but other than skim over it I'll tell you about it in more detail Thursday! It's a passive program and has the ability to be a very, very good one for me! However, if you want to just look it over before then, feel free! It's called RicanAdFunds and you can find it here!

Coffee is all set up out on the patio this morning. It feels just like Spring!


Mystic Mud said...

Thanks for the tips and links...I'll be chekcing them out. I just bought some of those t-shirts that you have listed at the top of your page - are you part of their seller program?

HermitJim said...

Hey Mystic...
Actually, I am! I just recently started into the T-shirts and am an affiliate of a couple! Great shirts and the prices aren't too bad!

Affiliate programs are a good way to make money without dealing with the merchandise. Makes it a lot easier for me, ya know?

I appreciate you dropping by today!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It does seem to make sense to try and make some extra cash, HJ, but my method lately has been listing small items on eBay from our collection of stuff...not making a bundle, but nice to sell a few things va tossing.

linda m said...

If a person is on the computer a lot it makes sense to use one of these programs. Always glad to find out which ones work and which ones are a scam. thanks for the heads up.

JO said...

Thanks for listing these. Have been wondering how I can make some extra play money.

I would love to sit out and have coffee with everyone this morning.

HermitJim said...

Hey Beatrice...
I buy a lot of stuff from Ebay. I've been listed as a seller there for a number of years, but I seem to buy more than sell!

The way I figure, every little bit helps!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Linda...
I have a couple of hours a day that I work no my PC. Between the blog (reading and researching)and working the programs...it does pass the time!

I never mention programs unless they work for me. No fun to get started in one then have it go away!

Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey Jo...
That's what I use them for...making my "toy" money! Just bought a Kindle Fire HD using proceeds from them I sure like it!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over today!

Nancy po said...

I've been looking for something like this! Thanks!
Nancy @ Little Homestead in Boise

BBC said...

With all my skills I'm not going to waste time trying to make a little money on the internut when I can make 20 bucks fast anytime I want to.

HermitJim said...

Hey Nancy...
Sure glad I could be of some service. Hope it helps some.

Thanks for coming by today!

Anonymous said...

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