Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wonderful No Knead Bread...

I am getting carried away by this bread stuff.

Ever since I first read about the "no knead" bread recipe, I have been in a baking frame of mind. This recipe is so simple and uses so little yeast, it is almost sinful! Talk about an easy to follow, this one will have you blown away!

Now, since I made my first loaf I have found several different versions of this recipe, and they are all really, really simple. Other than put the recipe on here, I am including the video from the guy that introduced this whole thing to me. When I first watched it, I had to view it twice as I thought I must have missed a step or two...but it really just as simple as they show. If you haven't seen this, enjoy!

Now, I might mention a couple of things here. It really doesn't matter how long you let this stuff rise before you bake it. In fact, if you don't think it has risen enough on the first rising, let it sit some more. Doesn't matter! Also, the video says to use a setting of 500 degrees, but I used 450. The timing isn't as critical for this recipe as it is with a lot of baking...making it almost "Hermit proof". Trust me on this!

Man, if you don't think that a slice or two of this bread, with some butter and honey spread on it makes the perfect compliment to a fresh brewed pot of coffee in the morning...I don't know what to tell you!

My apologies go out to Treesong, who has an allergy to gluten, for rubbing it in with this post. I'll try and eat your share for you! Just the kind of guy I am, ya know? Now, how about some more coffee, friends?


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Yo, hows about we splits treesongs share,EH?!?


treesong said...

Dear Hermit,

I have the lowest speed of DSL so a YouTube video doesn't play at all well.

Therefore, seeing as you and Cygnus Macllyr are splitting my portion of that great bread, could you please email me the recipe. Address is

I'm thinking I'll experiment with gluten free flours in the recipe. Worth a try. Thanks, Treesong

Lydia said...

Jim that looks great and best part EASY.

I can live off of bread alone. hmmmm, well butter too.

I am going to try it, but have to find that pot first.

How does it taste, good? Well cant go wrong with bread, right?


HermitJim said...

Hey Cygnus...share and share alike, I always say! I don't think she'll mind!

Thanks for coming by!

Hey Treesong...I'll be more than happy to send you the recipe! Hope you can utilize this wonderfully easy recipe in some fashion. You have a good day, my friend and thanks for stopping by.

Hey Lydia...sure am glad you could come by for a cup...the taste of this bread is just as good as any I've tasted. And you are right about it being easy!

Also I could get by with bread and butter pretty well...but sure do like the extras to go on it!

Mayberry said...

I can smell it from here......

HermitJim said...

Hey Mayberry...thanks for the visit. One thing about bread baking in the kitchen, it definitely has an aroma that reches out far and wide, calling nearly all that catch a whiff to come and try a taste.

Sort of like fried catfish, cornbread, and taters and onions in that respect, ya know? The smell is almost better than the taste!

Mayberry said...

Stop it, yer killin' me! Mmmmmmmmmm, fried catfish, cornbread, taters, and onions...... A little tarter sauce with some zip to it and I'm in friggin' heaven..... Whatever we have for dinner tonight is gonna stink, ha ha!

Preparedwarrior said...

I love this bread. None of that kneading stuff. The key is pre-heating the oven to 450 degrees for 30 minutes prior to baking the bread. It simply slides out of the dutch oven. Very little mess to clean up, few ingredients, tastes great, and outshines the artsty fartsy stuff you can buy in bake shops. Cheap too. Simply can't screw up this recipe. It is goof proof!!

HermitJim said...

Hey PW...sure do appreciate the visit. You are totally right about this recipe being "goof proof" cause even I can do it with wonderful results.

I've made many a loaf of bread the old way, but with this one the time saved and the lack of a big mess is great.

I was so surprised at how long this seems to stay good compared to other bread I've made in the past. Doesn't seem to want to go bad...but then I eat it pretty fast as well!

Thnks for the comments...

Cat Melton said...

I can't wait to try the bread...there really isn't anything that smells as good as bread (or cake) baking.
And the only thing I think could be added to the fried fish, taters, and onions is a pot of, that's a meal!!

Take care, my little baking friend,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...I KNEW there was a reason I keep you around! Big pot of pinto beans would certainly round off the meal...with maybe one of your famous cakes for dessert!

Thanks for reminding me...beans and cornbread is still one of my favorite meals, with some sliced onion and a glass of tea!

Thanks for coming by, my smiley friend!

The Scavenger said...

Jim, been trying to get over here all day to read the bread post. Everytime I open the page something calls me away ( a 3 yr. girl that wants daddy ). Love the video, I think even I could do that. Sure looks good. Thanks buddy.....and thanks for the late nite coffee.


HermitJim said... and stuff has to come first. Do try that recipe, cause it is so easy to do and "goof proof". I love it!

Best thing is, it doesn't use much of anything except time...and leaves plenty of spare time for other things.

Thanks for stopping by!