Monday, December 8, 2008

A Quilt Is Like A Hug...

It may not be necessary, but it sure makes the night pass better!

There's something about sleeping under a quilt that reminds me of better days long ago, snuggling down in the bed, listening to my parents talking quietly in the other room, slowly drifting off to sleep with that old quilt pulled up to my chin. Something about sleeping under a quilt made everything just seem more secure somehow.

Quilts always seem to have a friendly smell to them as well. Maybe it was because they were hung out in the sun to air out, maybe because the quilt box where they were stored was probably cedar, or maybe just because some of the love felt by the last person to sleep under that same quilt somehow lingered to give you a little hug at bedtime when the lights went down.

I can remember a time when my Dad worked at a big store with appliances and furniture. He had brought home some furniture pads used in moving, and boy, those pads made great pallets and bed covers! Sleeping under one of them kept you snug and warm as could be...wasn't fancy as one of the handmade heirloom quilts we always seem to have around, but they served the purpose when cousins came to visit.

While putting a list together of preps I needed for the move to the desert, I decided to browse around for wool military blankets. Warm, but just not quite the same without that little extra weight, ya know? But like most things listed as "Surplus" these days, the Preppies (not to be confused with preppers) have driven the price up to the point of being almost ridiculous, and the ones I found on line were mostly imports! Damn Preppies!!

Then I had a "eureka" moment spurred on by the memories of those "Foley's quilts" (as my sister's and I called them) and looked up moving supplies on the net! There they were in all of their remembered glory! And they were priced in such a way that an old prepper like me could afford more than one without having to sell a single pint of blood! Best part, they even had some made in the USA!! I'm including the link here so that you can take a look if you want.

Now I am feeling better about keeping these old bones warm during the cool nights in the desert, while I lay in bed and am being sung to sleep by the lullaby of the coyotes and cool desert breezes. I can recapture some of that magical time when I would slowly drift off to sleep, feeling snug as a bug under the hugging type weight of a quilt, and hearing the quiet voices from the other room as though they were telling me all was right with my world.

Now, how about some fresh coffee, my friend?


Anonymous said...

Bubba - you alwys bring back the greatest memories! I do remember the "Foley's quilts", and how versatile they were - we used them for everything, didn't we?
As much as I love the thought of you following your dream, I hate to read of your preparations for your move - long ways off distance-wise, but getting closer time-wise. Love you lots, no matter where we are.....

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...thanks for dropping by. Yeah, we certainly got our use from those old "Foley quilts", but then we always had active imaginations as kids, didn't we?

Sure am glad you enjoyed the post.Thanks for the comments...

Love ya...

Cat Melton said...

Quilts. Lovely things, indeed. My husband's family always had quilts when he was growing up. Mine didn't, really. He says, like you do, that there's nothing like burrowing down under the weight of a quilt for the night.

The quilts I have bought in the recent past from the regular stores have been such a disappointment... they have just fallen apart. Give me a good old homemade one any day.

Have a good one, my friend,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...maybe because most homemade quilts are more carefully put together is the reason they seem to last. Who knows?

But the hubby is right...nothing like burrowing down between the covers with a quilt on top to snug you in for the night!

Thanks for dropping by...

Lydia said...

Good morning Jim,

Nice heartwarming story. Thanks for evoking some memories. My oldest daughter still has her blanket from her first "grown up" bed. She loves that thing. I have a quilt/blanket which to this day, and at my age, still feel comfort with, when pulling it close to me after a bad or stressful day.

Have a great day Jim.

HermitJim said...

Hey Lydia...thanks for the visit. I think we all have our own version of the quilt/blanket like you mentioned.Something, or in some cases someone who can be a source of some much needed comfort in times of stress.

Besides, anything that is close to a hug is always appreciated, right?

Preparedwarrior said...

Yep, quilts are great, and those machine made store bought ones are junk.

I just started my first quilt this past weekend. The hardest thing so far is picking my colors and the pattern for the quilt. Going simple the first time around.

Noki said...

I love quilts. Mostly homemade ones. A agree with Preparedwarrior... Quilts bought at the store may look nice, but they just don't feel as snug as the ones Nanny makes. It's one of the reasons I want to take up quilting.


HermitJim said...

Hey PreparedWarrior...thanks for stopping by.Always glad to see a new face come for a visit.

I've been very fortunate in always being around quilters. My mom is still at it even though she is a little past 80...(young not old!)

Only a quilt used for a number of years has the true feel that homemade quilts are known for. Nothing like it!

Thanks again for stopping by, and don't be a stranger...OK?

js said...

well am not sure how to respond to all this....

Maybe I just better shut up.

I mean... quilts!

Nothing re you Jim... just quilts.

sorry, have not been feeling well after my Teacher gave up his Physical Body. And that seems far more important to me... as why? vs. quilts.

I just feel that many folks are hiding their heads in quilts. Or sands. Or waters. Or their favorites.


Just had to say it. Ban me if you will.


Hey Jim? what happened to your freed to say what you will, how you feel and so on? Of a few days ago? Now you're talking about quilts for god's sake.

ok, sorry, am NOT in my right mind.


HermitJim said...

Hey Ashley...appreciate the visit.The biggest problem you will have right now with starting a quilt right now is having a place to spread your stuff out.

Might want to wait until you get moved...

HermitJim said...

Hey John...let me start by saying that if you had taken the time to really read the post today, you would have noticed that it was about the putting together preparations for the move to the country.

The quilts mentioned in the post serve two to stay warm and the other to call up some memories of better times.

As far as my vow to say what I please, post what I believe and not follow what others think I should write...I offer this . I wanted to write about quilts, I wanted to write about hugs and the quiet sounds of my parents talking in the other, I wanted to write about getting my stuff together for my move! It was my post, that's what I wanted to post about, and so I did!

I'm sorry about the loss of your spiritual leader. I'm sorry that you feel the need to belittle me for posting about what were better times for me. Although I feel you were wrong to say what you did in the manner you said it, I do not ban people from my blog for speaking their minds.

I might make a suggestion if I may. Take a deep breath, do some meditation, think some pleasant thoughts, and try and find someone to exchange a hug with!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Well, i'm not so sure it would qualify as a 'quilt' and certainly not a foley's one, but MY sis sent me for my last year(what i would term) an AFGAN. My pleasure in it is two--no, come to type,THREE--fold (no pun intended:
1)It came from my sis.
2)She 'imported' it from IRELAND. "Store"bought, mayhap it could be (loosely)defined, but the hand-made Aran Isles crochet quality is non parallel.
3]a) it is WARM WARM WARM!!!--Merino wool handcrafted in the region of my ancestry, with
b) Beautiful Celtic-patterned (pronounced 'Keltic' for there is no 'soft' C in the Gaelic tongues).

And, if i may, one comment to js-- why the fret over one who has moved on? did he not teach that Advancement is the penultimate journey? Seems part of the reason i can't follow the western of the 'big 3'; the hypocracy of spending ones whole 'life' desiring the Next Step, but (followers) mourning when that Path is achieved...
A quilt... it's HERE and NOW
what the (pardon the expression) HELL is THAT?!?

Hey hermit-- NICE SHOT!!! great visual, dude.