Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Practical Hobby Item...!

As most of you know, late last year I started the new hobby of "loom knitting!"

Just recently I started something new. I started making some survival straps or bracelets, if you will, using paracord. Paracord, or 550 cord, is real parachute cord and it makes a good cord for your survival stuff because of it's 550 pound test strength. The cord has 7 inner strands, each one having a test strength of 50 pounds. Could be used for fishing line, tying up shelter, so many other things that it is almost the perfect cordage to carry with your gear.

The bracelets are just a way to carry some extra cordage by wearing it. The straps are not only practical, but I think they look good as well! Besides, they are fun to make and since the paracord comes in 32 different colors...nearly any color combination is possible!

Here are some pictures of some straps, but I did NOT make these! They are here just as an example!

Now the reason I said this cord was almost perfect, is that I found a more practical cord for the survivalist package. It doesn't have the inner strands, but could have some great uses in the field!

Here is the break down of the cord from The folks at Vermont Barre Army Navy Store.

Kevlar Survival Cord - 25ft Hank A must for any survival or emergency preparedness kit! Made from Kevlar fibers with an amazing tensile strength that is unmatched by any other cord in the market so that a .036" cord can hold 200 lbs. Can withstand extreme temperatures and is flame-resistant. Features a polyurethane coating for UV resistance and increased abrasion resistance. Can be used for snares, traps, bows and can even cut through plastic flex ties. 25 ft. length Made in USA

Seems to me that this might be just the thing to have in a BOB or the backpack. Just felt I would point this cord out because I hadn't heard of it before.

Oh, I might mention that a lot of people sell these bracelets online, but they are pretty easy to make. If I can do it, anyone can! If you want one and don't want to buy it or make it, let me know and maybe I can make you one...for free, of course!

If you buy one, I wouldn't pay more than 5 bucks for it. Just shop around...!

Want some fresh coffee? Coffee and home made chocolate chip cookies are ready on the patio!


Baby Sis said...

Bubba -

I love my bracelet! Get comments and questions all the time about it! And you sure made some brownie points by producing "desiger" ones for the great-nieces a few weeks ago.

Chocolate chip sounds great - haven't made them in a really long time....hmmmmm.

Big hugs -

Anonymous said...

I've seen hat bands, rifle slings, and belts made out of this cords in the past, that is a cool hobby. Useful and versatile - sounds like a plan to me!

Ben in Texas said...

OK, I gotta ask, do you hand weave them or got a simple loom to do that part? They are good looking.

Sixbears said...

You can never have enough cordage. Nice to have it handy too.

Bit wet for coffee on the deck. Having coffee with my sausage and eggs this morning.

Anonymous said...

Very timely! I just taught myself to make these this week. I made one for each of my boys just to see if I could do it. The ones in the picture seem to be a 3 strand weave, but the instructions I found were made of two pieces. What I ended up with was an attractive bracelet with a 6 foot piece of 550 cord that can be unwound when needed. If you take it apart further, the 8 inner strands could be tied together to make a 40+ foot length of 50 pound test.

After making just two bracelets, I had raised a blister on one of my fingers from tying the knots tightly.

sel said...

Good grief Mr. Jim! Sell them yourself! There are people who would love them but won't make them. Just my two cents...

Dizzy-Dick said...

Very nice. How long does it take you to produce a completed one?

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...
They did seem to like them, didn't they? I believe they were more fascinated by the knotting process than anything.

Glad you are getting good comments on yours!

Thanks, Sis, for coming by today!

Hey Anon 7:35...
It's really fun to do, and like you said...very practical!

Think I want to do a belt next, but it sure takes a lot of cord to do one!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Ben...
They are hand tied. Actually they are made by a series of square knots pulled tight! The knot is called the "cobra stitch"!

If you go over to you tube and type in survival straps, there are plenty of guys making videos of the process!

I think you said you already had a belt, right? This would be a good match for you to go with it! Want me to make you one, buddy?

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Sixbears...
Seems like a good way to carry some extra, doesn't it?

Like I say, looks pretty good as well!

Thanks for coming by this morning!

Hey JimmyCrackedCorn...
Actually, the ones I make are done with one long loop, but when you loop it through the buckle you have 4 strands. I use 2 of them to work with and 2 as an inner core. This gives me about 10 feet of cord!

Haven't made a blister yet, but I may!

Sure is fun to watch the kids with them, isn't it?

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Sel...
Naw...I just give 'em away. Guess I could sell them, but then I would be worried about folks thinking they were not good enough.

Free means most folks are just happy to get one, so they won't gripe as much!

I would rather folks just send me some paracord instead of money, ya know?

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey DD...
I can make a complete strap in about 10 minutes from start to finish. Certainly doesn't take long!

Glad you like them! The ones in the pictures are not made by me, though! I'll be glad to make you one, my friend! Just send me your mailing address!

Better yet, you and the wife could come by some day and I could show you how to do it!

Thanks for coming by today!

TROUBLEnTX said...

Luv em! Bet everybody does. Great gifts.

Anonymous said...

So smart! I´ve seen that over here as well but I must admit I never understood what it was :-) :-)

I would have loved those cookies but today I´ll make an apple pie instead :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15 here again - just thought of this one. There was a thread in a forum which had a warning about putting something which is nearly unbreakable around your neck. If caught in machinery, it can pull you right into it.

The suggestion was using a weakened link near the buckle, so if that accident occured, it would break rather than do that.

Just food for thought.

HermitJim said...

Hey Trouble...
A lot of folks like them, even the ones that just want something a little different to wear!

They would make good gifts, I think!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Christer...
This is one of those things that seem to have caught on around the world!

Good way to carry some extra cord with you because they straps can be unwoven very easily, if need be!

Thanks for coming by today!

michael ultra said...

Those are great. Good job!

JoJo said...

I know I commented earlier this morning. I love blogger. Anyway I love those and want to make some. I know the grand kids would love them. are the directions on that web site?
Man its raining cats and dogs out again.
Are there any more cookies left since I missed out this morning. :)

HermitJim said...

Hey Anon...
The ones I make are made with "break away buckles" for this very reason!

If the straps get caught in something and are pulled too hard, the buckles are designed to break before any damage to the wearer!

Thanks for the thought, though.

Hey Michael...
Actually, I may have not been too clear on this and should have mentioned it before, but the ones in the pictures are not made by me.

Mine are very similar, though.

Thanks for coming by today!

HermitJim said...

Hey JoJo...
If you go to YouTube and search for "making survival straps", you'll find several how-to videos.

You can use just about any good string, but I just prefer paracord.

You can find the link for the store I use in the post. Vermont Barre Army Navy store!

Thanks for coming over today, sweetie!

Mayberry said...

Awesome! Nice work Jim. Very nice! I keep some paracord around and it has come in handy more than once. Good stuff, with a thousand uses. Those wrist bands might some day be a life saver!

HermitJim said...

Hey Craig...
Pretty handy stuff and easy to work with!

I have both the 450 cord and the 550 cord, but I want to try some of that new Kevlar cord. Might just come in handy, since it will even cut through plastic ties!

I really appreciate you coming by today!