Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Spooky Saturday...!

It seems like a good time to have a few more spooky stories, what with this being the season for spooks and goblins!

This particular story fits right in with the spirit of the season, I think! One of those "strange but true" things that no one can quite explain! Perfect, don't you think?

Green Children of Woolpit

The Green Children of Woolpit were two children who appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, UK, in the 12th century. The children were brother and sister and they had green colored skin. Their appearance was normal in all other areas. They spoke an unrecognized language and refused to eat anything other than pitch from bean pods. Eventually their skin lost its green color. When they learned English they explained that they were from the ‘Land of St Martin’ which was a dark place because the sun never rose far above the horizon. They claimed that they were tending their father’s herd and followed a river of light when they heard the sounds of bells – finding themselves in Woolpit.

Some of the more unusual theories proposed for the origin of the children are that they were Hollow Earth children, parallel dimension children, or Extraterrestrial children.


I've been green a couple of times in my life, but it usually is from eating something that wasn't good for me, ya know? However, what seemed to be the food of choice for these kids would have made me green for sure! Guess that it really is true..."to each his own!"

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. How about some apple slices and cheese?


Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Very interesting list, Mr. Hermit. I love that you always find something good for us to read! Can never refuse apples and cheese!

Momlady said...

Hmmmmm, interesting theories. You do find interesting stories, Mr. Hermit.

JO said...

Great story.
Yes I have had my green moments too. I know try to avoid then as much as possible.

Coffee with apples and cheese slices shouldn't cause a problem.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
I'm always happy to provide something of interest for my visitors! I find this stuff interesting as well!

A snack like that is good way to start the day!

Hey, thanks for dropping by this morning!

Hey Momlady...
I do like to find these little known facts or stories to make people wonder! So many unexplained stuff out there it's hard to choose sometimes!

Many thanks, my friend, for coming over today!

Hey Jo...
I reckon we have all had our "green Moments!" Usually caused to ourselves by doing things like eating green apples or peaches off the tree!

No problems at my house from any of the snacks, I hope!

Thanks, sweetie, for dropping by this morning!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I love your unexplainable stories. Keep them coming, you make me think and wonder.