Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bauman The Mountain Man...!

With the days getting dark a little earlier and being gloomy overall, seems like a perfect time for this story!

This doesn't qualify as a ghost story completely, but it's spooky enough to be entertaining! See what you think!

The Bauman Incident

The uber-spooky tale of Bauman the mountain man was transcribed by none other than Teddy Roosevelt himself. The story comes from Roosevelt’s 1892 book The Wilderness Hunter, and Bauman’s tale is as creepy as they come.

Bauman and his partner were beaver trappers who’d set up camp and built a lean-to near Montana’s Wisdom River. Leaving their bags behind, they went to set traps, returning as night fell. But when they came back, they found something had torn down their shelter and emptied their packs. Bauman assumed it had been a bear, but his partner was uneasy. Using a torch, he carefully inspected the tracks. “Bauman,” his partner said, “that bear has been walking on two legs.”

That night, as the two slept in a newly built lean-to, Bauman awoke to see a giant standing in the opening. He panicked and shot the intruder, which then took off into the forest. For the rest of the night, the two men sat by the fire, cradling their guns, watching the trees.

The creature returned the next day, wrecking their campsite again while they were trapping. And that night, the men heard the beast howling in the woods. When the sun rose, Bauman and his friend decided it was time to pack up and go. But first, they had to collect their traps, and they made the all-time classic mistake. They split up. Bauman went to the river while his partner stayed to pack their gear.

When Bauman returned to camp, he noticed their fire had gone out. All their belongings were packed, but where was his partner? Bauman called for him, but there was no answer. And then he saw the body. His partner was sprawled on the ground, his neck broken, his throat covered with puncture wounds, and there were giant footprints everywhere. Terrified, Bauman took off running through the forest, leaving behind everything except his gun.

So what was the creature? Bauman believed it was a goblin. Modern cryptozoologists think it was Bigfoot. But Roosevelt was undecided. Perhaps it was just an animal . . . but then again, perhaps not. As he put it, “No man can say.”

I can't help but wonder what kind of tales our future culture will associate with us. I can only hope that those stories are as intriguing as this one.

Coffee in the kitchen again. The weather is still acting crazy!


Chickenmom said...

It probably was a bear - once they know where food is, they always come back. Coffee in the kitchen is fine. I'll bring some cheese danish.

linda m said...

I think it was a bear, but then again if the footprints suggest a bi-peedle then maybe it was Bigfoot. I don't discount the presence of a bigfoot. Rainy here again but in the 50's.

JO said...

They have been claiming these bigfoot creatures for some time. But who knows. Until they find one I am skeptical.

Canceled by camping trip due to possible rain 50 here as well mostly cloudy.
So coffee in the kitchen it is.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Cheese danish sounds good to me!

I'm not messing with any bears!

Thanks for coming over!

Hey Linda...
Whatever it was, it got the attention of the mountain man!

Lots of scary things out there!

Thanks for the visit!

Hey Jo...
Sooner or later, someone will get one!

Hey, camping in the rain won't hurt ya! After all, you have a camper, right?

Thanks, sweetie, for dropping by today!

Mamahen said...

The story says foot prints not tracks or paw prints...Big Foot gets my vote as the culprit....52 here no rain yet but clouds moving in.... Danish mmmm i'm having hot tea would anyone like to try some for a change of pace?

Dizzy-Dick said...

Bear or Bigfoot? Maybe it was a cross-breed between the two; a big footed bear. . .

Linda said...

See? That is why I never sleep in the woods. There are things out there, bad things.

Flier389 said...

I would think that is was a BigFoot. I've done enough camping and hunting and such. And, heard and have seen things that make the hair on you stand up.

Coffee and danish sounds mighty fine.

West Tx at Heart said...

Same creature now has a motorcycle shop in South Shore, Kentucky I hear.