Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad News For The Cookie Monster...

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I LOVE cookies. All kinds of cookies, but peanut butter is my favorite. I got to thinking about how great it would be to have fresh cookies delivered to my door all the time without having to go to the store, or bake them myself. If I had a steady Lady Friend then I would have someone to bake them for me...but being a Hermit, that's not an option.

Anyway, I decided to check and see if they had such a thing as a "Cookie of the Month Club". Off to Google I go, type in the request and PRESTO! A ton of sites come up! The offer of fresh cookies delivered to my house every month made my mouth water! I thought I had found the answer to my dreams! But when I started to read the fine print...I nearly fell out of my chair.

Here is the offer...every month you get two pounds of cookies delivered to your door for the low, low price of only $79.00 a month!! WHAT..?? That's right, $79.00 a month for two pounds of cookies! Plus freight! That's about $40.00 a pound for cookies! Now like I said, I love cookies but I'm NOT going to pay $40.00 a pound for them, delivered or not!

The local grocery store has a good cookie selection and I can buy a pound of really good ones for $1.39 a pound. A big difference from $40.00 a pound, huh? Now taking into account the shipping at the post office for up to three pounds is around $3.50 anywhere in the United States, somebody somewhere is making a HUGH profit!

So I figured we could start our own "Cookie Of The Month Club"! We could offer four pounds of cookies a month , shipped in a tin box ( I can get them at Wal-Mart for $1.50 each) and we can still make a tidy profit! The customer would be happier, we would be making money and everybody wins!! Even if we dropped the price to $59.00 a month, it still would mean a profit!

Check out this scenario...
1. 4 pounds of cookies @ $1.50 a pound= $6.00
2. 1 metal shipping box@ $1.50 each = $1.50
3. estimated shipping per order= $4.00
Total cost per order $11.50.....Total monthly charge for membership $59.00.....Profit per month @ one order per member $47.50.

Seems to me that this could get to be a good and profitable business. Of course, these figures are only for the sake of argument but you can see what I mean. We may be in the wrong business, my friend!

Let;s get some fresh coffee and talk this over...oh, and bring the cookies, OK?


Baby Sis said...

Bubba -

I'll bake and package - you ship and market - 50/50 split. Whadda you say? Of course, we have to do something about the 45 mile difference between packing and shipping, huh? I think at gas prices today that might make a teensy dip in our profits!

And, yes, I know! I still owe you pb cookies!

blondie said...

Morning Jim,

Now you got me hungry already, lol
Nice thought but it might be more trouble than it's worth. Could be why that company charges so much eh?
So onto plan B :)

Enjoy your day,

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...A partnership sounds like a good idea to me. The only problem I might have is eating up all the products! Don't think that I should be left in charge of quality control!

Hey Blondie...thanks for stopping by! I thought you must have gone on vacation or something. Good to see ya this morning. Yeah, just talking about cookies makes me hungry as well! At least I have plenty of coffee...

Thanks to you both for coming by to share a cup!

meltcat said...

MMMmmm...COOKIES...Me love cookies...

I can still hear the cackling little laugh of my (then) 3 year old daughter as I read a Cookie Monster book to her, complete with mom's impression of the Cookie Monster voice!

Yes, Cookies are great, especially when you have wonderful Hermits to share them

Happy Day,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...good to see ya this morning! Isn't it great how something as simple as talking about cookies can bring back some really nice memories? I'll bet that those memories are just as fun for your daughter as well!

I'll bet that you do a GREAT Cookie Monster impression...Mom's are like that!

Thanks for sharing and keep smiling...!

Manu said...

Hi Jim,

it's been a while since posting last time...but be assured i am a daily reader of your blog, i enjoy it and you often bring a smile to my face or shows me there is yet another person wondering about the same things or give me some new food for thought. Thank you for that.
About the that's an outrages price, they must be really special and great tasting(maybe some secret ingridient that no one else has access to)? Wonder how well their buisness is doing? With this sort of price and economy these days most people would bake themselfs or go to the supermarket like you to fulfill oneselfs cookie cravings i would think.
Well who would have figured that you are also someone that LOVES peanut butter;o)...americans and their love for peanut butter is definitly one of the big diffrences to us europeans, at least in my experience. It is getting more populare here and you can get it in the grocery stores, i also know a few people that like it...but the big favorite here is still chocolate creme.
I myself love cocolate chip cookies and can't get used to peanut butter, i guess cause i was never exposed to it growing up in former east germany. Every time i am making my boyfriend( he is american) a PJ sandwich i get reminded how american he is and how european i am. ;o)

Oh my that turned into a long post...
Have a great day with lot's of cookies.

HermitJim said...

hey Manu...good to see you again! You are right about the price being high for these cookies, no matter how good they are!

I never thought much about the difference in Americans and Europeans taste in peanut butter. I guess that like most people, I just took it for granted that everyone liked what I liked. I guess that's pretty self centered, isn't it? It's good to be reminded that we are all individuals once in a while. After all, it's our differences that make us more interesting to one another, right?

I really want to thank you for taking time to drop by and share with us each day, even if you don't post. You are always welcome and I appreciate your input and comments more than you know.

Thanks again

Manu said...


you think that makes you self centered? You might be a Hermit;o)but your blog proves you are not self centered.
Some things we are just not aware of, especially if they are not part of our wolrd, until someone introduces us to it. We are always growing in knowlege, wheter it is important information or not. We can't possibly know everything there is to know, it would be way too much. Reading your blog has certainly givin me some information that i did not know.