Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Is Like The Litter Box...

As those of you that have cats know, one of the daily chores that go along with cats is cleaning out the litter box. Not a pleasant task, but necessary none the less. While there are many kinds of litter on the market, I use one that clumps up very nicely. Because it is quick to clump any waste, it is fairly easy to clean. All you have to do is to scoop out the clumps and you're done. Now after a while, it is necessary to empty the entire box and wash it, replacing all the litter with fresh.

While performing this task today, I was struck by the fact that life is a lot like the litter box. Almost on a daily basis, your life is being filled up with a lot of crap. Being around negative input throughout the day can fill your life with a lot of needless waste just like a litter box. And each and every day, this waste needs to be scooped out and the waste discarded. Only by this daily cleaning can we keep our minds and our lives clump free and fresh. Daily we can assure that the rest of our life stays unaffected .

So we need to take a small amount of time each day to clean your litter box. Remove the negative thoughts and feelings from your mind, replacing them with pleasant thoughts, pleasant memories. Think good thoughts, do good deeds, be pleasant in all you do. Try and surround yourself with joy and beauty. Smile at everyone, even to yourself in the mirror! You'll find that you will be better for it.

Speaking of pleasant thoughts, let's go get some fresh coffee...OK?


Anonymous said...


Love the comparison! And boy, did I need this today!Thanks - you really have a "way about you" as the Beatles said, and yours seems to be with thoughts and putting them into words. Thanks for being here each am -

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...thanks for being there to read each morning. I'm glad that you enjoy the ramblings I put down and glad to have you drop by.

I really appreciate the comments. It adds to my list of good things for today and makes the smiling become a lot easier!

Love ya

sinip said...

That was very nice comparison you made. Very well put...

HermitJim said...

Hey Sinip...thanks for dropping by and for the comments. It's always a pleasure to have you here and to get your input.

I think that most folks instinctively know that they shouldn't harbor these negative feelings, but unfornunately just don't take the time to rid themselves of them. It would make such a difference in their lives if they would.

Thanks again

blondie said...

Hey Jim,

I smiled just reading the subject line and couldn't wait to see what you wrote. Nice job :)

Who's on the couch with Amy? Didn't know she had a boyfriend or a roommate, lol

Speaking of litter boxes, I best go tend to mine. Well not mine, you know?? hahaha

Catch you later,

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...thanks for stopping by. The cat with Amy is Buggs, who is no longer with us. Had to have him out down after 13 years or so. He could barely walk or get up without pain. Sweet old cat...I miss him!

Now about the litter box not being yours...never mind!!

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