Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time To Talk Business...!

OK...let's talk about business a little bit. Working at home is a hard way to make any money unless you have some good programs and some good mentors to follow into paying opportunities. I am lucky to have both. I have always had a lot of respect for people that can seek out and find good business opps, and then take the time to share these opps with the rest of us. They don't have to do this, and they don't just do it to get a few referrals. They genuinely care about helping other people make a little money!

I am going to mention two of the people that I pay close attention to, reading their blogs everyday, getting their alerts and studying what they say. I don't always join what they join, but I at least take a look. If you could only follow two leaders or home workers, I would suggest Blondie and J.S....if only for the fact that they have a lot of experience and are fairly successful at what they do. And just for the record, they didn't pay me to say this!

Now, for the programs! 10DW continues to be my favorite and most solid program to date. I have cycled a total of 2715 times since joining. In short, I have been earning money since I joined. If you are a member, you are earning money with us. If you are not a member, you are not! End of story.

Another great program as far as being solid for me and being a good earner is DRW. Once again, I have earned a profit sharing payment daily since joining. If you are a member, you are earning money with us. If you are not a member, you are not! Again, end of story.

Now I want to mention Clixsense again. This is a pay-to-click site that I have gotten a check from every month since joining. Not big checks, but still all money is appreciated. And I might mention that you can earn even as a free member, so that may be something for some of you to consider.

The Healthy Coffee business that I joined is doing well. Even by joining as a free affiliate, you can earn a whopping 20% commission on any and all sales you generate, including your own purchases. It's like buying coffee at a wholesale price. Check it out, as I am getting a check from them pretty regularly so far.

Now if you are interested, I am a member in a private program that so far, has proven to be a great profit earner for me. I was paid today and it was a nice payday which I put right back in the program. I can't say too much about this program because it is private, but if you are interested in a nice earner you can email me and I will discuss it with you. The returns are really outstanding, believe me!

Other programs can be found from time to time on the left hand side of this blog, and I invite you to take a look at them. If a program turns out not to be an earner, I remove it from this blog. Anything you get from me I am working myself. Otherwise I would not recommend it.

OK...enough work for this morning. Let's go get some fresh coffee, OK? After all...I get it at a discount!


blondie said...

Good Update Jim!
And thanks for the plug ;)

I about fell otta my chair this morning when I opened my "private program" and saw the referral commission that I earned!
Sure made my day a whole lot brighter, lol

Just made a new pot of coffee for us.

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...good to see ya this morning! I appreciate you making fresh coffee...and I was more than happy to give you a plug!

I re-invested in the "private program" after getting paid for the first time, so that's a good thing.

Sorry for the folks that aren't riding the winning waves with us, ya know? I was just over at CIF forum and added some new post there.

See ya in a bit...

js said...

Hi Jim, thanks for the mention.

As you know am in two private programs and they are both doing well. I will w/d some funds in August so I can buy a brand new/used car.

HermitJim said...

Hey John...thanks for dropping by! Glad to give ya a plug since I followed you into several programs.

The "private programs" are good for those of us with the nerves to stay in for the distance.

Good luck!