Thursday, July 3, 2008

Plan B...? What Plan B...?

My friend Blondie said something yesterday that got me to thinking. She said “Time for plan B”. Plan B ? Do I have a plan B? Do I even have a plan A? I mean, I must have a plan A! If you have any plan at all, then by default it must be plan A, right?

How many plans am I supposed to have, anyway? I mean, I plainly need a plan A and a plan B. Plan B must be very important because people are always talking about it. They say things like “Time for plan B” or “What's plan B?” or “ If something goes wrong, then we switch to plan B!”. I don't ever remember anyone saying anything about a plan C. Usually if plan B doesn't work out, then someone most likely says “ Now what?” least that's what they do in the movies!

And what about the Secret Plan? I get the impression that only the Bad Guys have a Secret Plan, as I only see Bad Guys ever talking about the Secret Plans. I guess the Good Guys are sticking with the plan A and plan B routine. Maybe that's what they teach in Good Guy School!

I get confused about the Secret Plan because if I have this figured right, the Bad Guys nearly always have a gang. At the very least, they seem to have a flunky or right hand man. Now if the Bad Guys share the Secret Plan with the other Bad Guys in their gang, then the plan can't be secret, right? I mean, the very act of sharing the plan seems to do away with the secret part. At least that's how it seems to me.

I'm pretty sure that I am a Good Guy, because I don't have a Secret Plan. If I do, it's so secret even I don't know about it! I think that I must have a plan A, even though I never really called it that. But the fact that most of the things I do in life seem to follow some sort of plan, then I must have plan A.

It's this plan B thing that has me baffled. I am determined to find out if I have a plan B, and if I have plan B where would I have put it? Do I have a file somewhere marked “Plan B”? I would think that plan B should be very easy to get to since it seems to be so important.

Do you see why I'm a little confused? I think I'll just get some fresh coffee, sit on the patio and enjoy the morning. Whadda ya think...sound like a plan?


js said...

Good luck in your discovery Jim.

I myself am a man without a plan.

Keeps life simple that way. Go with the flow, stay calm, observe, enjoy, and forgive what you see, after all, it is you who are running the projector inside your brain, painting this world.

Oh and am enjoying a coffee with you as we speak.

PS: the dogs have invaded! See my blog.

Manu said...

Good morning Jim,

the first thing your blog did was make me laugh. It's very funny to me the way you wrote it.
Than i thought about it...
and i have to agree it is quite confusing. For one should you even have a "Plan B"? By having a "Plan B" don't you set your original plan up for failure, cause you don't really believe in what you doing now? Than again life rarly turns out the way we plan it, so would it not be smart to have one? One thing we all got is goals, don't we? And isn't a goal the end point of a plan? So maybe we should just call it a "plan" without the letters and not make it so specific. Our lifes are ever changing and so are our "plans".
And than there is the comen use in daily life of the phrase "plan B", which has not such big meaning. It's a comen thing to say and applies in all sorts of situations.
Well, that are some of my thoughts:o)

Have a wonderful day.

HermitJim said...

Hey John...I see that you found the coffee pot. I think you're right about the dogs being everywhere and I also agree that enlisting the Cats as a backup force would be good. Hey, that could be our "plan B"...

Thanks for dropping by!

Hey Manu...glad you got a kick out of the whole plan A and plan B thing. It was designed to be funny and cause a smile or 2...thank you for dropping by and for the comments!


blondie said...

Ooops :)
Look what I've started!

Well at least it made for a comical blog post. Nice one Jim.

And I have no idea what my plan B is for anything either. hehehe

blondie w/ coffee

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...glad you liked the post. Hope it made ya smile a little...after all, you started it! I am glad to see you here for coffee early this morning! Did you bring cookies??


Myrna said...

Morning!! - well - applying to girls and relationships - we always joke about having plan B...

and just as I was commenting here - I got a call from where I get my nails done - and they are asking me to switch from Fri am appt to Mon am appt. so there is another example of Plan B.
Maybe I'll have to cancel my date for Friday (no nails, no date ) - just kidding.
Hope you see the humour in this !!

HermitJim said...

Hey Myrna...good to see ya and thanks for dropping by! I have a question for you... are the nails you are having done for looking good, or are they a matter of defense?

Hope all works out OK...and plan B goes well!


meltcat said...

You gotta love a man with a plan...even if he can't find

My plan is to have no plan. Just fly by the seat of my there's one for ya to picture in your

As always, I do so enjoy all you guys and gals...Ya'll have a good one!

Cat (yes, I'm smiling...are you?)

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...thanks for stopping by and for the comment. I'll let ya know if I find where my "plan B" is, OK?

I couldn't help but smile when I got a mental image of you flying by the seat of your pants! I wouldn't have even thought about it if you had not said to picture it in my mind...and of course, that did it!

Keep smiling, my friend!

sinip said...

Words of wisdom, regarding "plan B". :-) ALWAYS have "plan B". If I had had one I wouldn't had spent 3.5 years in the middle of the war here... Well, what to do, sh*t happens... :-) Next time I'll run, and fast. That's also excellent makeshift "plan B" as well, if you don't have one ready... :-)

HermitJim said...

hey sinip...thanks for the visit. I guess that any plan B is better than none. In the case of no definite plan, run seems to work for me!

Thanks for the comments...and hope that your days are peaceful , at least for now.


Myrna said...

Hermit Jim
I never thought about the nails being for defense. I actually got them as a gift !! - and then you either keep them up - or let them grow off !!! Sounds gross. So I have kept them up.
Now I am onto Plan "C" as the place called again and now I will not have the appt. on Mon am - but likely Mon aft. Something different going on - and not sure if it has a link to something in the news or what. Whatever - it be a "c" plan surprise on Monday.

All I know is I have a wedding this weekend - no not mine!!- and
want to impress some of them. Note I said not all. How vain is that aye.
That Judie she sure started a good topic. Just teasing !!!
Have a good night all. And hope everyone is making some $$$

HermitJim said...

Hey Myrna...glad to hear that you don't need the nails for defense! I hyope the wedding goes well, and that the proper people are impressed. Make 'em eat their hearts out!

Thanks again...

Mission Impossible said...

If plan A falls through only to find that plan B blows up in your face I was always under the impression that you had to look for the NEXT plan. Maybe you filed your plan B with your NEXT plan? Just a thought......

I myself decided plan A and plan B both narrowed my choices down too much, my NEXT plan got coffee spilt ALL over it which rendered the ink illegible and couldnt understand it so I decided to create what I heard some one once call the OTHER plan ... and sheesh is that a challenge!

I think it would be easier to just follow the rainbow....

HermitJim said...

Hey missi...ya know, the scary part is that I understand all that...almost!! If I had this information about the NEXT plan and the OTHER plan before I posted this, I could have put them in the post as well. Oh well...wasn't part of the PLAN, I guess!

Thanks for the comments...

Mission Impossible said...

well now ... theres another thought .. ultimate achievement would have to be having hold of THE plan ... but then with the mystery surrounding THE plan could be part of the SECRET plan so anyone with it may i fact be one of the gang and then we'd have to call in the cats!

Confusingly Understandable ... or Understandably Confused?

HermitJim said...

Hey missi...think I'm gonna have to make another pot of coffee while we dissect this confusingly understandable situation. Good thing I have someone that thinks along the same lines as I do.

Think there's any hope for us? We may have to fortify our coffee!!


Myrna said...

Jim - Look at the time you posted that - early am - things get muddled at that time of morn...
and only get sorted ut in your dreams.

Have a great Independence Day.