Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day...

I wanted to take time today to say "Thank You" to all the troops that make it possible for those of us at home to enjoy the freedoms that we have. We should always be thankful to the people who go where they don't want to go and do what they don't necessarily want to do just because it is their duty. I'm thankful that these men and women believe in words like honor, loyalty and duty.

My father was a veteran, as am I. My oldest is a vet as well. None of us wanted to go, none of us really believed in war or in fighting. But when we got the call, we felt honor bound to go. We didn't do it for the pay, didn't expect any thanks. We did it for the simple fact that we felt it was the thing to do.

To serve one's country is not just our duty, but an honor and a privilege. It's a shame that the governments of the world have to waste the proud and loyal men and women of our collective countries in fighting wars started by politicians, fueled by greed, misreported by the biased media, and controlled by the same industrial complex that controls all wars for the purpose of profiting from them.

However, we should be thankful to all of the heroes that serve for us. We should say a prayer for them every chance we get. It's like the saying goes...Freedom is not free! Many, far too many, have paid the ultimate price to make sure that we have the freedom that we enjoy today.

Happy Independence Day, everyone...!


Manu said...

Happy Independency Day to you Jim and all of America!

Big Sis said...

I'll drink to that (coffee, that is). Please remember the military and embassy wives world wide, too. Theirs is truly a life of love and sacrifice, also.
Vets are so special that they forget to mention the times they receive special awards in a given situation...right, Bubba?!

HermitJim said...

Hey Manu...thanks for the kind wishes this morning. I certainly appreciate it and on behalf of all of us here in the states, I want to thank our friends elsewhere. I'm proud to know you and I'm glad we are friends.

Hey Sis...what a pleasant surprise!! I sure am glad to see you here this morning! You are very correct in the fact that the "Thank You" should have included all those loved ones that have to remain behind while their families are separated. I am sorry that I didn't mention them a well.

As for the award you mentioned, I just don't want to sound as if I am blowing my own horn, so to speak. I think that two things stick with me about that medal...the first is that the men I served with recommended me for it,and the second was the letter that my base commander sent to Mom and Dad. I guess I'll have to write about it some day.

Thanks again for the comments and for coming by!

sinip said...

Happy 4th of of July hermit and to all the others in USA. Although me and mentioned US Army were not exactly at the same side for a while, all is ended well. And profitable. ;-) Have a nice BBQ and fireworks and hope no aliens will show up (other than the usual bunch from Mexico). :-)

HermitJim said...

hey sinip...thanks for dropping by. Sorry that the Army and you were on the outs, but glad that all is well now! I hope it stays that way for you.

I wish nothing but peace for you and yours for a long, long time.


Myrna said...

Have a great day everyone - and stay safe !! and happy !!

HermitJim said...

Hey Myrna...thanks for dropping by, and for the good wishes. I appreciate it as I'm sure others do as well!