Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hermit And The Hurricane Update...

I wanted to take this chance to give everyone an update on the little storm that is hanging around the Texas coast right now. Here in Houston we missed most of the heavy wind but did manage to get a little rain out of the deal. I understand that we may get some more rain off and on for the next two days or so.

The area around the Corpus Christi and Brownsville area caught the major blow of the storm. The power was still out the last I heard, so we need to keep positive thoughts for all the folks living in that area, OK? The power went off at the Hermit's house for just a short time...but came on again before long. Then all I had to do was to reset the television, reset the cable controls, run several checks and reboots on my PC.

The Roomies decided that they did NOT like playing in the hard rain...although they did think that it was fun to play on the patio when it was just sprinkling outside. I had left the door cracked so that they could go in and out at their own pace...and then the yard guys came! A cute picture, two little Siamese kittens (?) sitting proud and unafraid on the patio just watching all the new people moving around. They felt safe enough, after all, it was their patio! Then the mowers fired up! So much for proud and unafraid! I was sitting here at my desk, working on the computer while everything was quiet. Then all of the sudden...POW! I'm wearing two cats as a vest over my t-shirt, and my vest was hanging on with razor sharp and needle pointed claws while hugging their adopted Daddy for comfort!

After the yard guys were gone, two little Siamese heads peered out the storm door to make sure the coast was clear. Then with small furry chest puffed out, the once again proud and unafraid Kitties from the Dark Regions were back outside, continuing with their game of knocking over all the potted plants and eating the flowers off the bushes.

I have to admit I like the attitude these two Roomies have about a storm. Every leave that gets blown into the yard is nothing more than just a free toy to be enjoyed. Playing chase on wet patio stones is really fun until someone slips and falls, and then it's nice to have a playmate run over to check on you and make sure all is well...just before he bites you right on the butt. Soft rain is a lot of fun to play in and is good to drink, even out of dirty plant saucers.But hard wind and sudden rain is a good reason to haul ass back into the house and become firmly attached to Daddy's chest, while waiting for the hug you know is coming.

In short, the kitties and I both feel that storms aren't too bad as long as you have someone to play with... a warm, dry spot to go when you need to get out of the rain...and a good friend to hug when comfort is needed.

It doesn't hurt to share a cup of coffee or two either, so...want to join me?


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story - so much better than "the cats don't like storms or yard men." You tell it well, and make it fun for the rest of us.
love you lots -

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...thanks for stopping by. I could probably write a book about these two and the things they get into. Glad you found it entertaining.

Probably a good weekend to go inland like you and Mom are going to do, although I believe the rain is going to stop tomorrow.

Thanks again for the visit...

blondie said...

What a cute story Jim! I'm all smiles after reading that :D

Thanks for taking me "away" for a while. Reading your post was like sitting down with a short story book. Interesting and entertaining :)

Gotta love them Kitties huh?
Where are the updated pics?
Chop chop ... c'mon get that camera out today! (hehehe)

CYA Later,
blondie :))

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the update. Still raining here, sometimes hard. But I don't think I'll melt or that we will float away!

See ya in a bit

Anonymous said...

Nice story - and don't float away ? How are the sewers or chanels holding out ?Not sure what you have - both likely - know what I mean. Here we have sewer - which drains into cleaning area - then into our beautiful rivers. Some places do have outdoor drainage things for just rain etc. But quite a few times the rain etc hail floods the systems with so much and such force that it can't get away fast enough - omes up the street sewer lids etc, and also backs up into basements - so sure is a mess !!!

Hope you stay clear of that.

Anonymous said...

I forwarded some of your post on to my Sask. relatives who bought a place in Weslaco... they are sure wondering about it !!.
Keep me posted - even via email if you want.

HermitJim said...

Hey Myrna...thanks for coming by. Houston has plenty of drainage but when it rains a lot, the drainage canals get overflowing. Tha means the streets flood, and cars get stranded. That, in turn causes big traffic problems even when the water goes down. The stalled cars make for a lot of obstacles in the roads.

Hopefully, it won't get that bad this time.

Thanks again for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your kitty story...but I"m a little concerned when you start calling bayous "canals!" What gives - did you forget your word???/

HermitJim said...

Hey Mom...thanks for dropping by. I thought it would be easier to use the term canal to describe our drainage system to folks in other some of them might not understand the term Bayous. I guess I could have said drainage ditches, but that seems to describe something smaller to me.

I personally DO know the difference, but to me a big waterway lined with concrete does not quite call up an image of a "Bayou".

Cat Melton said...

I have sat here these past few minutes reading your blog backwards, newest to oldest, and the smile on my face has gotten so big it I can SO see the roomies making their exit to the patio and then the hurried re-entry to the safety of "the chest"

I'm so glad you take the time to share every day...thank you for the smiles,


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...always a pleasure to have you drop by! I'm glad you enjoy the read...that's my whole aim here, making people smile a bit.

As far as posting each day...I'm hooked on it now! I usually write at least one post each day and schedule it to publish the next, but sometimes I get two or more going. Seems like when I start writing, it's hard to find a stopping place. That's why I throw in some of the duller post so it will curb my enthusiasm a bit.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to drop by and comment...I appreciate it a lot!

Christinazevd said...

Hey, I love your kitty story...but I"m a little concerned when you start calling bayous "canals!" What gives - did you forget your word???/