Saturday, July 19, 2008

Has It Really Been 45 Years...?

Well, I got it in the mail today! The invitation to my 45th class reunion. That's right, dear readers, the hermit graduated high school in 1963 and it was a long, long time ago! I found this old picture of myself taken just before graduation and I can't even believe it myself.

I hadn't even thought about growing a beard back then, and can't imagine being without one now! innocent and naive I was back then. The world seemed so simple and life was good. The future looked so promising and we all thought we would live forever!

Fast forward to 2008. It's 45 years later, some of the innocence is lost, and we found out that the world isn't so simple. We also found out the hard way that we were not going to live forever...not even close.

Out of all the people that I graduated with...about 110 or so, the reunion committee could only not locate 5 of us. That's pretty good after all these years, I believe. I think that one of the ladies that sent out the letter and the invitations said it best. She said " We have lost 5 students and 40 have passed away-totaling 45- the same number as the reunion we are celebrating."

This is "The Class of 63 Reunion" and most of us are 63! It's the "45th Reunion" and most of us were born in 45!

You know what, my friends? All of the sudden, I feel the need for some good strong coffee. And I think I'll take a shot of whisky in mine...want to join me?

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Manu said...

Hi Jim...great picture of you :o).
I am sure you'll have a great time...the numbers give it away ;o)
Even though mine is "only" 16 years ago it seems like forever, but what can you do?
Time stops for no one...all we can do is take it with a smile and make the best of it.


Noki said...

Wow. You had a small graduating class.


blondie said...

Now THAT made me smile this morning!
What a cute pic! lol

The numbers are a bit weird, huh?

It's all good, and you're still as handsome as ever!

But I'd be puttin whiskey in my coffee too!!! hahaha

Have a great day Jim,

HermitJim said...

Hey Manu...thanks for stopping by. You're right about time not waiting for any of us. It's amazing how fast time slips away, isn't it?

Hey Ashley...our class was one of the smallest at the school, but we started right after the school opened. Sure seems like a long time ago.

Hey Blondie...thanks for dropping by and for the comments about the pic. You notice that there isn't a wrinkle in my face? That's because I haven't had my first taste of the real world yet!

I appreciate everyone coming by and thanks to you all for the nice comments. One more very pleasant memory to carry with me on my journey!

See ya, my friends!

js said...

Well Jim, I still feel the same as I always felt, no matter the age. The visage does not matter. You always feel the same, have you noticed?

Because you see, you're not the body. You are something else. Some call it feeling-and-desire or the DOER in the body... feeling being predominant in a female body and desire being predominant in a male body.

And feeling-and-desire does not age. it... feels the same. No matter what the body looks like, bear or no beard.

Enjoy your coffee and whiskey. I'll enjoy my vodka. Ah yes, way too early, but what the heck eh?

Your friend, js

HermitJim said...

Hey John...that is the reason that we hear people say :I don't feel any older!". My feelings and desires only seem to sharpen with age...and that's probably a good thing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Swiftly Came September said...

Boy, do I remember those days! Why did your dad and I have to stay all night at the afterprom party?

Remember when you and those "bad" kids sneaked out bad kids sneaked and took one of the parents cars for a joy ride? The conversation between the principal and I went something like this:

"You are mistaken, sir, My son said he didn't do it, and if he said he didn't di it, HE DIDN'T!"

Oh well! And I bet when Chelsea Sanatoro asked you to dance with her in the Nutcracker at the Music Hall you didn't realize she would still be dancing professionally to this day.


HermitJim said...

Hey Mom...thanks for stopping by. I'll remember the "conversation" between Dad and myself when I got home after the talk with the principle at school probably until I pass away!

That was enough to deter me from a further life of crime!

Thanks to you both for putting up with me during those years.

Anonymous said...

Hermit Jim - liked your post today. I find former pictures of all of us "priceless". I often see older couples and I think - why did he choose her or she choose him - but in their eyes they see that same face of former years. and of course the same desire.
Hope you can attend your re-union -and have lotsa fun !!! Nothing like old friends and reminiscing.

HermitJim said...

Hey Myrna...thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comments about the post, and I think you're right about seeing someone in our mind's eye when we look at them with love.

I guess that if I attend the reunion, I can chase the ladies around without being called a "dirty old man" since they would be about the same age, huh?

See ya and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was a handsome one but believe me, he is much better looking today! Ever notice how men get better looking with age? Again, since he won't blow his own horn, did y'all know he was his class poet?!

HermitJim said...

Hey Friend...thanks for the kind words this morning! I need all the help I can get in the P.R. department! Now if I could only figure out how to stop growing from the middle out and start growing from the bottom up, I'd be good to go!

Have a good day and thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I agree he was handsome then but haven't seen the today look so I will use my imagination. You're right - very very handsome. Good thing you noticed and told him.
Yes at the reunion you can chase the ladies (they like that too) before time runs out for chasing.
No you won't be considered a dirty old man - that's a negative and we don't want that !!
Have fun.

HermitJim said...

Hey Myrna...thanks for stopping by and for the flattering comments! I'm afraid that me chasing the ladies would be like a dog chasing a car...not exactly sure what to do if I catch one!!

But I have to admit it's a nice thought! Glad you came by...always a pleasure to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bubba -
I remember this pic - although I was (and still am) somewhat younger than you! Hope you do go to the reunion, even for a while. Lets you know you are not the only one getting a little thicker around the middle! When I went to my 20th, I did not even recognize the class hearthrob and quarterback because he had not aged well at all! Made me feel LOTS better!

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...curiousity alone is almost enough to make you want to god, isn't it? If I thought for a minute that I would find a special couple of people, I'd go in a heartbeat, ya know?

See ya Sis