Monday, July 14, 2008

Importance Of Wishing Others Well...

I wanted to share with you part of an email I recieved from Dr. Eric Amidi ( He explains Manifesting in such a way that it begins to make perfect sense to me. Interesting stuff, my friends!

"I am about to tell you the TRUE SECRET behind the law of KARMA.

Now, one of the things that I cover in my Programs is the unique qualities of The LOWER SELF (check out my TRINITY SYSTEM) or the subconscious mind.

These qualities are truly AMAZING !

One very important quality of The LOWER SELF is that it's not logical, it only understands FEELINGS and acts on them...

It's like a LOYAL servant to you, who is AMAZINGLY good at bringing you anything you ask him for...

That's why The LOWER SELF is such an important part of the manifestation process...

But, because this servant doesn't understand logic, it takes your FEELINGS as an order and brings the same to YOU!

If you wish something bad for someone, your LOWER SELF will say: "OK, is that what you want? I'll bring it to YOU !"

You see, The LOWER SELF can't tell that you are wishing that for someone else, because it's not logical.

It only acts on the FEELING, and makes it happen.

So, Never wish anyone, I mean Aboslutely No one, anything bad or harmful, because the LOWER SELF will manifest it for YOU...You will only end up hurting yourself.

Now that you know how the Law of KARMA works, you can use it to manifest great things in your life by...

Wishing great things for others..."

Now since I wish only the best of everything for all of you, my friends, may I suggest that we go get a fresh cup of coffee...?


meltcat said...

Morning Friend Jim,

I see you have found Dr. Amidi! Wonderful stuff there, huh?!

Wishing good on your 'enemies', in a way, makes them no longer your enemy. And there's certainly enough good to go around for everybody.

Have a wonderful day,

Mission Impossible said...

Hi Jim

I love this stuff. Through experience I have found one major difference between wishing people good or bad is the energy it also takes from one self. I always remembered this saying for some reason "Love your enemies its the best revenge". You can certainly bring nicer things to your life when you have a positive energy around you.

I have to say Im really loving the coffee too.

blondie said...

That's a great piece, and great advise, and sometimes hard for me to follow. I'll have to work on that more. Maybe that's why I'm so miserable sometimes eh?

Thanks Jim and of course, I am enjoying that coffee with ya today :)

Have a great day and Cheers,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...thanks for reminding me of this saying from the Bible" Love thy enimies as thy self". It just shows that some of the things we think of as new are not new at all.

See ya, Cat

Hey Missi...I agree with you 100% about making things nicer for us by keeping positive energy around. Works for me anyway!

How goes the move? Good I hope!

Hey Blondie...don't feel alone about it being hard to follow this path. It's harder to do than to say. I have the same problem and really have to work at it.

I guess that all we can do is the best we can do, huh?

Thank you gys for dropping by. I appreciate it a lot!


js said...

I wish he would tell you the truth... maybe he does, this is not his system. It is the ancient Huna system which is the foundation of almost every Religion that is and ever was.

Max Freedom Long is the person who has been bringing attention to the Huna system for a number of years now (it was preserved pristinely by the Polynesians). The one book to read is Growing into Light, which gives even more detailed instructions on how to manifest than Dr. Amidi. (And I did buy and download Dr. Amidi's book... it is quite good.)

Oh and I do agree with what the good Doctor is saying about the Low Self, being the subconscious, and being filled with programming since childhood... it is the job of the Middle Self (that's your Conscious mind in the waking state) to teach the Low Self out of its patterns and to start cooperating with the Middle self to help others, and to send requests to the High Self, along with some Mana or vital force (or prana) so that the High Self has the "energy" to manipulate the physical circumstances.