Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Already Tuesday...

I have to tell you about this program again called WorkFor3Dollars. It's a 3x15 matrix and it really is only $3.00. Normally I don't get involved in this type of program, but this time I decided to give it a shot. Folks, the spillover from this program is amazing. I personally have received 14 referrals from spillover alone. That's pretty good for the amount of time that I have been in this program. For $3 I think that you should consider joining...or at least take a look at it. Believe me...it is very, very active!

Now a plug for my other favorite program and you all know by now that it's DRW. The payout on this one has been very good for me so far, as the daily profit share adds up and if you continue to use that to purchase a new share or two then before you know it you will have a good income coming in. DRW has a couple of sister sites as well...they are ETXads and E-Tradexchange.

In all profit sharing programs, the most effective way to get ahead is to be patient and to reinvest as you can. That can help not only to keep the programs alive and furnish you with a great avenue for advertising, but can greatly help in adding some extra to your income.

One more program that just keeps on hanging in there and that is 10DollarsWonder. Since they have gone to the High Priority system it has continued to build up momentum. And they buy one position and move 4 more to high priority is still on until October 12 so now is the time to either join, or increase your positions while you can maximize them.

That's all for today as far as talking business...you know I really don't like doing that too much, but I don't want to see you miss out on a good thing. Now that we are through with all this business stuff, I say that it's time for some fresh coffee, Want to join me...?

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blondie said...

Morning Jim,

You know I'm always here to have my morning coffee with you.
Kinda like "Old Faithful" lol

Good Update today,
Those programs sure are doing well.

C'ya in a bit,
blondie :))