Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Really Silly Questions...

Have you ever noticed that there are some questions people ask that make no sense at all? There are so many I could never list them all, but I have gathered just a few of the most aggravating and listed them here so you will know what I'm talking about. Just think about it for a minute...

You've lost your car keys or something else that you really need and when you enlist some one's help to find them the first question they ask is "Where did you lose them?" I mean, if you knew where you lost them they wouldn't be lost, would they?

Suppose you find what you were looking for. Some one comes up and says "where did you find them?" You say " they were in the last place I looked...!" Of course they were! If you found them in a place, then you would stop looking and that would mean that where you found them would naturally be the last place you looked, right?

How about this are building something and you hit your thumb with a hammer. A friend says "Did it hurt?". Excuse me, but I just hit my thumb with a 16 ounce hammer and you want to know if it hurt? Of course it hurt!! What a dumb question!

Imagine you are trimming the branches in the top of a tree when suddenly you slip and fall to the ground 15 feet below. Your arm is obviously broken, the breath is knocked out of you, blood is gushing out of the nasty wound on your scalp and your friend rushes up with 2 of the most amazingly stupid questions you can possibly envision...." Dude, are you OK?" and "What happened, did you fall?". No, dummy! I jumped!! about this? You are home alone, watching a scary movie with the sound turned way down . Suddenly the lights go out and everything goes dark. You make your way back to the couch and cuddle up in a ball in the corner, when suddenly you hear a loud BANG! No one else is there, but you still ask the question out loud "What was that?". Do you really want to know?

You are asleep in bed when a sudden noise wakes you up! You lay there in the dark for a minute trying to decide if it were just a dream when you hear the noise again. So what is the first question you asked "Who's there?".

You have been watching a kid eating a big bowl of ice cream and he looks up at you with a great big smile on his face, ice cream smeared from ear to ear, and you ask "Is that good?".

I could go on and on with this, but you get the idea, right? I mean, you could think of a lot of them yourself. We all use them, or some of them from time to time. But the real question you have to ask is why? Why would we ask a question, when the answer is so obvious in most cases.

Just another one to add to the list of life's little mysteries, I guess. However, there is one question that I ask and I already know the answer to. I ask it nearly everyday and I don't even expect you to answer. It's really more an invitation than a question, you know? But it's always the same..."How about a fresh cup of coffee?".

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