Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pleasantly Tired...

Ever notice how, after a really busy day, you are tired but it's a good tired. The soreness starts to settle in, but not so much that you can't still move around. However, if you sit down for more than just a couple of minutes at a time it gets harder and harder to get up from the chair.

I got very lucky yesterday because two friends came over while I was carrying fence sections to the front. I wasn't expecting to see them, but man...was I glad they showed up! Hard work always seems to go faster when you have someone to talk to and to help.

One thing I thought about today is the fact that most guys that work outside don't seem to mind getting a little dirty or in doing something that draws a little on the knuckles or elbows. Sweat marks on the shirt, skinned knuckles, bloody scratches or small tears in the clothing all seem to be sort of a badge of accomplishment. After the job is done, you sit back and not only feel tired but good...but you feel that others can tell just by looking that you indeed have been actually doing honorable work. The sense of accomplishment is hard to explain, but you might have noticed it in the quiet, pleased expression of yard guys, farmers, ranchers, anyone who has put in a good days work outside.

You see these guys at the end of each day, often sharing a quiet conversation as they sit around taking a well deserved rest. The satisfaction of a good day's work translates into a good night's sleep and the dreams that come, if any, are usually pleasantly accepted by minds made clear of clutter from the toils of the day.

I plan to do only pleasant things to some friends, work a bit on the Internet, make some plans for the coming holidays ( you do know that they are not that far off, right?) and maybe cook a little BBQ.

I do want to say a special "Happy Birthday" to my sister B... her special day was really yesterday, but I'll say "Happy Birthday" today instead. So Sis, I hope you had a very special day and have another one today! Know that I love ya, OK?

Now , my friends, let's sit and have a nice cup of coffee and share some special thoughts. Who knows, we may even get a visit from a hummingbird or two. What a way to start the day!


blondie said...

You got it Jim.
Nothin as satisfying as seeing a finished project after a hard day of work.
Hope you're not too sore or stiff today and enjoying that coffee out on the patio.
Can I get you a refill? lol
C'ya Later :)

HermitJim said...

Hey's really nice to have someone offer to get me anything, especially a refill for my coffee! You are just too good to me, my friend!

You're right, of course, about seeing the finished project. Even if no one notices them!

Thanks for the visit...and you are the first today!! Ought to be a prize or something, huh?