Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Candy Bowl Or Candy Jar...?

Sitting on my desk, just to the right of my computer, I have a candy bowl. It's really more of a jar than a bowl, but everyone in my family has always called the container for candy sitting on the counter a "candy bowl"...I have no idea why.

With Halloween coming up pretty soon, I thought it would be a good idea shop early for the " passing out" candy for the kids that may call. I have no idea what kind of candy the kids like now days, but I figure that since they are getting it for free, it wouldn't matter.

This candy in the picture is NOT the kind of candy I was looking for, but the kind I would save for my personal candy jar. Kids don't like fancy, but seem to go for the small candy bars and bags of M&Ms and jaw breakers and candy kisses...you know what I mean?

The problem is that when I go out and buy candy early for a holiday, it never seems to find it's way to the "passing out "bowl. Somehow it gets sidetracked and ends up in my personal candy jar. If it does end up in the "passing out" bowl, the level of candy seems to drop in proportion to how many trips I make passed the "passing out" bowl. Wonder why that is?

Thinking back to when I was a kid, we had special treats. Most of them were home made treats like popcorn balls, fudge, cookies in a small bag, that sort of thing. Once in a while, someone would give out oranges or apples...that was really special! When my sisters and I got home after going "trick or treating" we would sit down and see if we wanted to swap anything. We all had our favorites and if you were lucky, you could trade for your favorite with someone else, providing you had something they wanted. Boy, talk about wheeling and dealing!!

Some of the timeless candy designs are still around today, like candy corn and small sugar pumpkins. However, many of the old favorites like the bubble gum cigarettes and cigars have long since faded away. I did see some big wax lips in the store the other day made from chewy wax, but I can't find any liquid filled wax coke bottles! Seems to me I can vaguely remember even seeing a candy whistle, but maybe that's just a figment of my imagination.

Anyway, I'm going to try and control myself and save some store bought candy for the little children that show up in costume. If I run across any vintage or home made treats...I'm afraid that those will end up on my desk, just to the right of my computer, in my personal Candy Jar.

Now...how about some fresh coffee, my friend?


Baby Sis said...

I remember one trick-or-treat special - do you remember the guy who had a bowl of pennies and we got to have as many as we could scoop up in one hand? Might have been after you quit going out with us, but that was really different! Not much to do with candy, but we never have any kids coming around, so I have no excuse for buying the good stuff I like!

Lydia said...

Hi Jim,

I do pretty good as I don't much like sweets EXCEPT for Almond Joys, so I just don't buy those. I grew up in Yugoslavia where candy was rare, if at all, so I just never developed a taste for it. My one daughter is exactly like me, but the younger one likes anything whatsoever sweet. So this year we have bags of chips to give out.
(but am sure as time comes closer - I will also get candy)

Halloween is on a Friday this years so we will likely get loads of kids.


Lydia said...

Meant to add that I think they stopped making the cigarette shaped gum but the candy whistles and the waxed lips are still around...There is a store here that has barrels of candy sold for 1-5cents a piece. The kids love this store ...you probably would too :)


HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...I think I do remember the ghuy with the pennies, but maybe it's only the story I remember. We are starting to see more kids coming out in the last couple of years, which I think is great. I only wish they could have as much fun as I think we did.

Love ya, Sis

Hey Lydia...thanks so much for dropping by. You know, I think I have been in a store that had candy in barrels. Glad to hear that the ugly wax lips are still here and that the whustles have survived as well. I think that oranges and apples are a good idea, but kids won't appreciate them as much as we used to.

Hwey thanks, ladies, for taking the time to visit. I really do appreciate it.


Big Sis said...

Hey Bubba,
Playing catch-up today. Had to go all the way back to the 15th to read blogs. As usual, I enjoyed every one of them!
Boots used to make the best popcorn balls I ever ate. I think it is a shame that children can't
have home-made goodies anymore. Leah and Jason pass out regular size candy bars. They just hold the bowl down and let the children
get whichever one they want. The year I was in Missouri, I had to leave the house so I left the candy bowl on the front porch with a note saying "Help Yourself". When I came home, I still had some candy in my bowl. I supplement candy with small packages of colors and play-douhg but I think candy is still the favorite.
Off the subject, remember our" bicycle road" when we lived on South Acres? Do you remember the incident involving the copperhead?

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...I don't remember the copperhead thing, but I do remember the bicycle road. I think that each and every person remembers the holidays in their own way. It's cool that you could leave your candy bowl out on the porch and still have candy left. Maybe that's a good sign, ya know?

I'm glad you found the time to stop by...

blondie said...

Morning Jim,
Lots of good memories again as usual. You tell such a good story!
Am going to Walgreens today for a birthday card so will pick up some Kit Kat's while I'm there. I totally forgot about them this year.
Oh and the candy I bought 2 weeks ago for the season ... mmmmm. Guess I need to stock back up. hahaha
blondie :))

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...I think you are maybe passing to close to the "passing out" bowl! I have that same problem...while you are at Walgreens, maybe you can pick up some Hersey's Milk Chocolate nuggets (plain with nothing added) and save them for me. I can't find them anywhere!

Boy, it's amazing how many memories can be pulled from people about different holidays, huh? What a fun way to spend the day!!

See ya ...