Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thinking A Little Too Much...

Don't really know what brought it on today, but I started thinking about the mistakes I've made along the pathway of my life...well, at least some of them. I don't think that we could ever remember all of our mistakes for one simple reason. I don't think we could continue in a sane manner if we did.

Listen, we all make some mistakes. That's just part of the human experience, and the best we can do is to learn from them, correct them if possible and move on. The important thing is to try and not repeat the same mistake again. We should not dwell on the mistakes but focus instead on the experience as a learning one. We should always try and make something positive out of anything negative that happens.

I feel it's important to live your life the way that you feel is the right way for you. Make your own path, dance to the music that you hear, follow your own star, and be the captain of your own ship. Take responsibility for your own actions through all your life. Sure, there will be a few regrets...but there again that's part of the human experience.

You know, life is too short to not live it according to your own vision. If you do the best you can, listen to your own counsel, and follow your own heart then you will find that in the end, you will have smiled more than you frowned. You will have laughed more than you cried and you will have spread more joy than sorrow.

Come to think of it, that might be a fitting epitaph for most of us! I know that if I can be fondly remembered by just one other person, for me that's enough. Now, what do you say to some fresh coffee, my friend!


Big Sis said...

Interesting of my favorite songs. I haven't made all of the decisions but once they were made I followed the path the way I felt was best at the time. I love you today and will always remember you with the utmost affection.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...thanks for the visit this morning and for the comments. I hope you are having a good day and that your new roomie is adjusting well.

Holidays are coming and I am surely going to miss having you around to whip up some of your wonderful dips and things!

Thanks again for stopping by...

Lydia said...

Hey Jim, Thanks for the song, a favorite of mine also.

Weird, I was doing the same sort of thinking as you, Last night and again today. I thought it was the rainy cool weather here, sets the mood, ya know?

We all do the best we can under our circumstances. Especially if we follow our heart, as you have written.


HermitJim said...

Hey Lydia...thanks for the visit. I really appreciate it.

Funny how weather affects us and how we feel, isn't it?. It does indeed set the mood a lot of the time.

See ya later...