Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Coming...Like It Or Not...!

You know, as the holidays get closer I am wondering why we don't make and give many of our gifts anymore. Used to be, most all of the gifts at Christmas were handmade. Not only were they really nice gifts, but the receiver knew that a lot of time and effort went into the gift.

Now days we just go out and fight the crowds we don't want to fight, going to stores we don't really want to go to, only to buy gifts we really don't want to buy for money we really don't want to spend. We then give these second choice gifts to people we really don't like, while forcing ourselves to pretend we are enjoying the get-together we really didn't want to attend in the first place. Yeah, I can see why we call it the joyful season!

As long as we continue to treat the holiday season as strictly a way to impress and please those not worth the time and to better our position at work or in the organization of choice, the very holidays meant to be joyous and happy will be hollow and without meaning.

Maybe we should spend a little time and effort in getting our priorities straight! Quit trying to further our own cause by the shallow actions we are so accustomed to taking. At the very least, we should try and be honest with ourselves and rethink the entire way that we so called "celebrate"!

How about this for starters? Embrace your family and family traditions. Learn to respect your co-workers or employees. If you go shopping in the over crowed stores, smile at the people you pass. They probably need it, and it doesn't cost a dime to share it! Think about making some of your gifts, or maybe giving someone a family heirloom that they will appreciate a lot more than some piece of junk you bought just to make the numbers of gifts you needed come out right.

Do everything in your power to stay positive this time of the year. Smile a lot and keep pleasant thoughts in your head and heart. Treat others in the same fashion that you want to be treated! (the Golden Rule again!) The main way to do this is to keep in mind that timeless saying," There is a reason for the season! "

OK...that's enough preaching for today! If you don't know all this by now, it's probably too late to get you to change. If I don't do anything else but offer up a reminder, then I've done my duty.
Now, what do you say that we start this day off with a fresh cup of coffee?


MI - (Mission Impossible) said...

Heheheh-iccup!!! Tis the season to have another drink hiccup! hiccup! or was that to be jolly hiccup! I give you all my hiccups! err I mean love to lead you into the busy season.

MI - (Mission Impossible) said...

Heheheh-iccup!!! Tis the season to have another drink hiccup! hiccup! or was that to be jolly hiccup! I give you all my hiccups! err I mean love to lead you into the busy season.

Lydia said...

What a wonderful post Jim and so true. This was the way for us when we lived in NY, but here in the country it is so different. Gifts usually tend to be big trays of home made cookies or a bottle of something special to share. We still buy gifts for special people in our lives but we're an easy to please bunch so there aren't too many headaches.

What you wrote is so true though. What has happened to Christmas over the years? Corporate America and her profit machines? Actually, I don't think it's just America and am sure some of your readers can attest to this.

Well if you lived nearby you would get a huge tray of those cookies you like so much!

Thanks for a great post.

Big Sis said...

Hey Bubba,
In reference to yesterday's post, Leah bought her cat a chicken costume complete with hat (mask or whatever) and is asking for volunteers to get it on her. Are you interested? Your roomies are handsome and are at least practicing for their roles. Buddy continues to irritate me although I try to be patient with him since it is really Donna I am not pleased with and not him.
Today's blog hits the nail on the head, as usual. How about I just send you a lot of love for the holidays?!!

HermitJim said...

HEY MISSI...been at the cooking sherry again, have we? Sounds like you might have had a little head start on celebrating...thanks for dropping by and good luck with the townhouse!

HEY's been my thoughts for a while that people have gotten to the point that they will do nearly anything to save time. And like you said, it's world wide. More and more tradition is replaced with anything that saves time. I would gladly take t6he tray of cookies and be very glad to get them! Thanks for coming by...

HEY'll have to send the story behind Buddy to me, so I can better know all about him. As far as helping Leah with dressing up her cat, I think I'll pass! I think I'm gonna have my hands full as it is!

I think your idea for a present is just find and I'll take it! The one thing you can never have too much of! Thanks so much for stopping by!