Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Important Days In October...

Here are some very important days to remember in October, brought to you right from the pages of The Farmers Almanac. I think you'll find them interesting.

October 9 — Leif Eriksson Day

When the Vikings, a group of seafarers from what is now Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean under the leadership of the Norwegian Erik the Red, they found a new land and named it Greenland. When Erik’s son, Leif, sailed west from Greenland shortly thereafter, he landed somewhere in the vicinity of what is now Newfoundland. Although Eriksson is not officially credited with discovering America, Congress has declared October 9 Leif Eriksson Day.

October 16 — Noah Webster’s Birthday

Noah Webster, America’s first lexicographer, was born on October 16, 1758. We remember Webster as the author of the first American dictionary, but he was also the first authority to advocate American English. His American Spelling Book, published in 1783 (and later known as Webster’s Elementary Spelling Book), was the first to Americanize the spelling of English words such as colour and labour by dropping the u.

October 18 — St. Luke’s Little Summer

St. Luke’s Little Summer is a period of summerlike days that occurs around October 18, named to honor the saint’s feast day. In olden days, St. Luke’s Day did not receive as much attention in the secular world as St. John’s Day (June 24) and Michaelmas (September 29), so to keep from being forgotten, St. Luke presented us with some golden days to cherish before the coming of winter — or so the story goes. Some folks call this Indian summer, but that officially occurs between November 11 and November 20.

October 18 — Alaska Day

Alaska Day marks the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Alaska Territory from Russia and the raising of the U.S. flag at Sitka in 1867. For pictures of modern-day Sitka, located in southeastern Alaska on Baranof Island, visit Sitka Pictures.

Don't you just love it when the Hermit brings you all these wondrous little bits of trivia? I only do it so that you'll have something to read while we share a nice cup of coffee...want a fresh cup?


blondie said...

Morning Jim,
Good Trivia today.
My Sun rises in 8 minutes.
Was hoping for a good pic, but doesn't seem to be the right color today.
Sure am enjoying the coffee though :)
blondie :))

Big Sis said...

Hey Bubba,
Yes I do love it when you bring all these bits of trivia. I enjoy your stories and messages anytime.
Thanks for the "H.B." and the call and all of the love you sent.
Donna has left N.C. now and headed west...she will be traveling until about mid Jan. before she heads home. She did leave me something...a cat named Buddy!! I will introduce y'all later.
Love ya.

HermitJim said...

hey Blondie...thanks for the visit. Sorry you didn't get a good picture of the sunrise, but at least we can watch it together!

The coffee is always better when sweetened by sharing with a friend.

Hey Sis...glad to hear you had a good visit with Donna and tell your new roomie "Buddy" hello from all of us. I'm glad you enjoy the trivia and it was my pleasure to bring it to you, along wih the H.B.

Love ya...

meltcat said...

Gotta love that Almanac! Trivia is just what the doctor ordered for those times when there's nothing to read in the "reading room"

Good day to ya, friend Jim!

Keep smiling,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...gotta keep a copy of the Almanac in the "reading room" for sure! You can always find something interesting in it...including some GREAT recipes.

Thanks so much for dropping by, friend Cat! Keep smiling...

danish said...

Hi Jim,
Gonna get into trouble with this comment......but oh well, so be it.
Was Noah Webster also responsible for the tendency of Americans to substitute "there" incorrectly for "their"; "then" for "than" and "check" for "cheque". I find it quite distracting (putting it mildly) to see the words constantly and inappropiately substituted for each other.
George Carlin would understand this. He was brilliant in his observations and critiques of how the language is/was misused and abused.
For example, He never understood why we parked our car in a 'driveway', and drove on a 'parkway'.
Anyway, dropping the 'u' was no big deal, hope Noah wasn't responsible for the others.

HermitJim said...

Hey Danish...good to see ya. I don't know about the substitution of the words in the wrong places like using "there" for "their", but he was the main one that suggested dropping the U in certain words Like "cheque" to make them into what he referred to as "American English".

I think that the other incorrect uses of words,I feel that in most cases it is due to people that don't remember what they were taught in school! It drives me nuts to read the spelling on so-called "Pro" websites in this day and age, especially when programs like SPELL CHECKER are around for the purpose of catching such mistakes.

You're right about George Carlin and his mastery of the spoken word. He did several routines on that very thing. Sorry he is gone...

Thanks for the visit and the comments!