Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Is Once Again Upon Us...

Time to review the past week and see if anyone made some money. I, for one, have enjoyed a nice little bunch of cycling from my positions that are locked in as high priority at 10DW. Of course I am buying new positions as soon as I get another $10 in my balance. This way I can get the remainder of my positions that are not locked in as high priority upgraded. Each new one purchased upgrades two old, and each repurchase upgrades one old. I think it's a win-win situation.

The daily profit sharing sites that I am with are still showing a daily profit share, even though it has slowed way down. They still remains an excellent place to advertise. I'm talking about DRW, ETXAds, and E-tradexchange. They are sister sites and each showing it's own profit and advertising venue. Like I said, I'm still earning, although not as fast as I'd like.

The newest program for me is paying a nice 5% daily, which is pretty good for a surf site. This , of course, is Surf2Sawa. Strange name but a nice place to advertise and make a little money. You only have to surf 15 sites to make your daily pay. I like it.

That's all for now...gotta go and have some fresh coffee. You are welcome to join me if you want, but you know that...right?


blondie said...

Morning Jim,
Been up since 5 AM myself.
And on a Saturday no less.
The coffee sure does taste good though.
Thanks as always for keeping us updated on your programs and I do agree with ya :)

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...thanks for stopping by today. Why were you up so early, my friend? Hope that's a sign you are feeling better...

A big thank you goes out to you as you were the one that introduced me to most of these programs. You always seem to find the little diamonds in the rough...that's why you will always be our HERO!!

See ya...