Monday, October 20, 2008

Nature's Nasty Side...

One thing about living in the south is that we have a very large selection of Mother Nature's creatures, some pleasing to look at and some not so pleasant. In fact, some of them are nearly impossible to see even if you are looking right at them! These two pictures to the right (yes, there are two...) show what I'm talking about.

Behold the Copperhead! This is a common snake here in Texas, especially around eastern and south Texas where it is very wooded in spots. If you cover the right picture (the dividing line is right down the middle) and concentrate only on the left side picture, you'll notice that it is really hard to see the snake in among the leaves. Now cover the left side and look only at the right. The outline of the snake has been outlined so the snake is clearly seen. These pictures are the same, except for the outline. If you think this is scary, imagine walking through the woods and stepping on this bad boy. My friends, you never knew just how fast you were until you set a new world's record getting to another location!

If there is a moral to this post, it is fairly simple. Even if you think you know where you are going, always keep your eyes opened. Some surprises can be rather unpleasant, at best.

The same is true when doing business on the Internet. Don't just take for granted that a program is completely safe just because it looks good. On the other hand, don't think it's unsafe just because it does not have a fancy website or design. The responsibility for all your actions is yours, whether you want it or not.

Do your homework, study the terms and conditions, visit the forums and listen to people you trust that have done a thorough research of the program in question and the administrators . Ask appropriate questions if you have them. In the end, the decision to join or play is yours and yours alone.

I can suggest a couple of very knowlegeable and experienced people to trust when reserching a program Both are fellow bloggers, and have been around for quite a while. I follow them both and pay attention to what they say. I don't always join or agree, but I do get a good idea about the program just by trusting the research they have already done. They are, of course, my friend Blondie with her blog here...and then John, whose blog can be found here. Both would be more than happy to answer any question you may have, if they can. They might suggest who else to ask if they don't have an answer.

Now, let's go to the patio and have a good cup of coffee...Oh, and watch your step, just in case. Better safe than sorry, right? Posted by Picasa


js said...

Hi Jim!

Just read your post, and that's a good warning. Oh and thanks for the plug!

And my main blog is of course at

The one here, at blogspot, simply has some excerpts from my main blog. Just so folks know.

Thanks again Jim. Keep posting interesting info, as you always have. I may not comment on each of them, but I sure do visit each day and read what you've come up with!


HermitJim said...

Hey John...thanks for the visit. I'll keep plugging and you keep researching...maybe we can prevent some folks from getting taken to the cleaners!

Thanks again...

blondie said...

I second that ... what js just said!

I read every day even though I don't post a comment every day.

Love the Snake warning Jim.
I heard the Coyote's last night hootin and a hollerin. Wonder what they caught? Good thing my Cats come in every night.

Thanks also for the plug.
Although it's been a quiet week for me with not much to report on.
But that's OK. Things will pick up, they always do :))

C'ya soon!

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...your visits are always appreciated. The Coyotes were just singing you a lullaby, Girl!

Looking forward to moving to the desert where I can hear them as well...

See ya later

Manu said...

Hi Jim... i am quite late, but better late than never, right?
I was checking out the picture before i was reading on, so it took me some time to recognise there is a snake in the picture. I had to enlarge the pic before i saw it in the outline. That is quite scary how well she blends in with nature... snakes are definitly not one of my favorites.
Thank god i am in a snake free area for now, but thanks to you i'll be prepared for next time when i am in the states.

Good night,

HermitJim said...

Hey Manu...I'm glad you could drop by. A snake free area would be nice, but here in Texas that is not an option. In fact, Texas has snakes everywhere.

Thanks for coming by. See ya later...

meltcat said...

Hi Jim,
I grew up in southeastern Oklahoma, so I'm no stranger to the copperhead, either. It is amazing how well they blend into their surroundings. I've always heard that with copperheads, where there's one, there's usually another.
Not a pleasant thought.
When we moved to Kentucky, my husband told me there were no snakes here in this county...only in the next county over. What was I thinking...that the snakes couldn't cross the county Well, they could and they did... one was on my backporch as I stepped out one day. Not a copperhead, but a snake, nonetheless! (the hubby still chuckles about that one).

Later, Friend,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...hubby was pulling your leg, I think. I don't know for sure, but I don't think snakes much care what county they are in.

Gotta be careful, no matter what state you're in. Even if they can't hurt ya, they can make you hurt yourself.

See ya...thanks for dropping by!

Moorerdcv said...

Hey Blondie...your visits are always appreciated. The Coyotes were just singing you a lullaby, Girl! Looking forward to moving to the desert where I can hear them as well... See ya later