Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How About Some Food For Thought...?

I'm going to change things up just a bit today!

I found some facinating things that you might find interesting. I know that I did!

Wisconsin has an army of hunters

If hunters are counted as a military force, the State of Wisconsin has the 8th largest standing army in the world, at about 615,000. That’s almost 100,000 more armed people than there are in the Iranian Army.

South Dakotans can shoot Indians by the carload

There is a South Dakota state law, still current, that goes as follows: “Any group of five or more Indians of any tribe or nation is to be considered a raiding party and may be fired upon.” Many lists could be compiled of truly stupid laws, but this one is genuinely dangerous. A person in South Dakota could deliberately murder 5 Native Americans at once and get off scot free.

Flatworms can learn through ingestion

Certain species of planarians (a type of flatworm) have been gradually taught to run a maze. If you grind them up and feed them to a second batch of planarians, the second batch can run the maze on the first try.

Now if you have all this crazy stuff stuck in your head, I'm gonna make it worse! Let's talk about the brain cells!

Brain cells don’t regenerate

You are born with all the brain cells you’re going to get, anywhere from 50 to 100 billion. They are the smallest cells in the body. Once they die, the number goes down and stays down. A 12-ounce beer will kill precisely zero of them. Drinking 5 beers and waking up with a hangover will kill precisely zero of them. But drinking yourself sick every day for 30 years will kill millions of them, because of the stress through which you’re putting your brain. The next morning’s headache is caused by the alcohol evaporating water all over the body, especially in the head. Drinking water during the night’s festivities will largely prevent the hangover. However, a 10-minute fever at 106 degrees Fahrenheit will kill about 50 million brain cells.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of this stuff to last me for today! More pleasant things to think about!

Coffee inside this morning. I have hot chocolate if you'd rather!


Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe if they'd grind up us old geezers and feed us to the younger folks, they'd know how to vote next time!

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Gorges!
Hot chocolate is perfect for today - it's snowing here. I'll bring the whipped cream!

Sixbears said...

The difference between an armed population and an army is organization.

I don't think the South Dakota law would protect anyone. It is a stupid law to still have on the books, but there are a lot of them.

I think new research on brain cells complicates the picture. Some slow recovery is possible. Wish I knew where I read the article.

Coffee's on the cookstove. Sitting by the window, watching the lake freeze.

linda m said...

Great comment Gorges. I live in WI and had the pleasure of meeting Gov. Scott Walker at a Bow Hunting club when he first ran for Gov. Almost every grown man I know deer hunts (except my hubby) so the statistics on hunters doesn't surprise me. The others, especially the flat worms were pretty yucky. Hot chocolate sounds good this morning 11 degrees at 7:00AM today. Good "Food For Thought" this morning.

JO said...

I think South Dakota needs to take care of this law pretty darn fast. To many nuts out there.
Anyway I will take some hot tea with honey and lemon. I will bring some AZ. honey pretty good stuff. So they say.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Good blog with lots of information. I learned something today even though I don't have many brain cells left.

Duke said...

I know some people who did a lot of drugs back in the day and they are operating with almost no brain cells.