Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking Today Off For Mom's Birthday...!

Today my Mom is 87 years old (or young, depending on your outlook)!

She has her monthly sewing group coming over to her house, and I will make myself available to run any errands that they need done. Often this includes serving as a taxi, fetching snacks, moving chairs around to be more comfortable, and engaging in conversation when needed!

Anyway, I just wanted to explain why I might not be able to answer any comments until later this evening. I prefer to answer most fairly quickly, but today I may be slower than normal. Sorry about that, but it is a special day for Mom and I need to be available, ya know?

It's hard to believe that it's already the 1st. of November! I'm not sure just where the rest of the year went, but October sure got away from me! Know what I mean?

I hope everyone has a good day, and I ask for your continued prayers and good thoughts for the folks suffering as a result of the storm and it's aftermath. OK?

Coffee on the patio this morning. It's more Summer than Autumn, and we should take advantage of the good weather!


Gorges Smythe said...

I hope your mother has an enjoyable day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! And many more.

JMD said...

Many good wishes for your mother's birthday. My dad just turned 86. Sure glad I am not getting older...ahem. Have a good day!

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Mr. Hermit, please wish your Mom a very happy birthday from all of us!
Sounds like she is going to have a perfect day! Coffee on the patio is fine - it's 34 here!

chinasyndrome said...

You are a good son,Jim! Tell your Mom Happy Birthday! Take care Bro!


Momlady said...

Best wishes for a wonderful day to your mom and hopes that you aren't run ragged. Blessed be.

Baby Sis said...

Bubba -

I've been told not to call to say HB until later afternoon, so I hope she got the card early. Take care of yourself today - we need you around for a long while yet! See you on Saturday!

Big hugs -

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Momma Hermit - hope the cake is outstanding!

JO said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! And many more fun years to come. Your still young to me.
I'll hold down the party on the patio Jim.

2 Tramps said...

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to your dear Mom. Time well spent, dear H.J. - enjoy your day!

Judy said...

I want to add my birthday wishes to the chorus! And give her a hug for me while your at it!

kare said...

Hugs& Buzz'z

Dizzy-Dick said...

Happy birthday to your Mom. You are a good son.

Felinae said...

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to Mama Hermit, may her day be filled with joy.