Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mystery In New Zealand...!

Nothing like a mystery involving aircraft...early aircraft! Throw in a government keeping secrets and you have the makings of something very interesting!

Sometimes we forget that governments in other countries have been involved in hiding things for a long time, so it's not just ours!

North Head and Boeing One

The very first Boeing plane ever built was called Bluebill, and its creator, William Boeing shipped it to New Zealand along with its sister plane (Mallard) in 1918 – making it the very first sale of the Boeing company. Upon their arrival they were put to use in commercial flights delivering mail and carrying passengers. In 1924 when the N.Z. Flying School closed, a compelling body of evidence, including a letter written to the Boeing Company in 1959 by pioneer aviator George Bolt, points to the two Boeings having been taken to a military base at North Head, Devonport and placed in a vacant storage tunnel. When the officer in charge decided that the doped fabric and spruce airframes were a fire risk, he ordered the tunnel walled off, and there, the evidence suggests, they remain till this day. The stories of the sealed off underground military complex have since been supported by hundreds of first hand witnesses. Attempts at locating the planes have been suppressed by the military and government and the whereabouts of these most historic planes is still unknown. Pictured above is Bluebill taking off.

I'll bet that some collector somewhere would pay a pretty penny to have those planes! Maybe even a museum!

Coffee on the patio again. We better enjoy this nice warm weather 'cause in Texas, things can change real quick!


Randall said...

Goodmorning, I love a good mystery but I don't get the secrecy concerning these antique aircraft. Not exactly area 51 or Roswell. About the latter, I was told while serving in the USAF that a hanger at Wright Patterson AFB Ohio had some serious security. Makes for a good mystery but probably a Geraldo's Capone vault.

linda m said...

Gotta love a good mystery. It is nice to know that it isn't just our government that does all the coverups. I like the idea of having Geraldo look into it. haha Coffee outside here this morning is impossible due to heavy fog. Supposed to get warm (60 degrees) and then drop.

Sixbears said...

Once a government has a secret, they never want to let them go -even if it no longer matters.

JO said...

very interesting but yes why keep it a secret any longer and why not go get it.

I'll have some hot tea please.

HermitJim said...

Hey Randall...
Does make you wonder just why they want to discourage the finding of the aircraft. It's not like we don't know where they're from!

Keeping secrets seems to be a big government everywhere!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Linda...
I guess that mystery making is one thing all governments do well!

For some reason, Houston hasn't had much fog this year. Unusual for this area!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Sixbears...
You are sure right about that! Guess they figure it's their job to do that!

Thanks, buddy, for coming over this morning.

Hey Jo...
I don't know why they do things like this, but I guess it's just what they do!

Thanks, sweetie, for dropping by today!

Anonymous said...

I bet the Boeing Museum here in Seattle would LOVE to have those planes back!