Monday, December 17, 2012

Ready For Another Monday Mystery...?

You might like this Monday's mystery as it is from the great state of Vermont!

We don't visit this area very much, but just maybe we should! Seems to have been some strange things going on from time to time in certain areas!

 The Bennington Triangle
Between 1920 and 1950, Bennington, Vermont was the site of several completely unexplained disappearances:

On December 1, 1949, Mr. Tetford vanished from a crowded bus. Tetford was on his way home to Bennington from a trip to St. Albans, Vermont. Tetford, an ex-soldier who lived in the Soldier’s Home in Bennington, was sitting on the bus with 14 other passengers. They all testified to seeing him there, sleeping in his seat. When the bus reached its destination, however, Tetford was gone, although his belongings were still on the luggage rack and a bus timetable lay open on his empty seat. Tetford has never returned or been found.
On December 1, 1946, an 18-year-old student named Paula Welden vanished while taking a walk. Welden was walking along the Long Trail into Glastenbury Mountain. She was seen by a middle-aged couple that was strolling about 100 yards behind her. They lost sight of her when she followed the trail around a rocky outcropping, but when they rounded the outcropping themselves, she was nowhere to be seen. Welden has not been seen nor heard from since.
In mid-October, 1950, 8-year old Paul Jepson disappeared from a farm. Paul’s mother, who earned a living as an animal caretaker, left her small son happily playing near a pig sty while she tended to the animals. A short time later, she returned to find him missing. An extensive search of the area proved fruitless.
Maybe some of our friends that live in the Vermont area can tell us a bit more about this. In any case, I don't think I'll be visiting there anytime soon, and even if I did...I wouldn't take the bus. No need in taking chances, ya know?
Better have our coffee in the kitchen this morning.  The rain may be coming again, and I don't want the sugar cookies to get wet!


Gorges Smythe said...

The pigs ate the kid. Who knows about the others.

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

You may be right, Gorges! Just recently a farmer was attacked by hogs & was eaten alive! As for the other two - well that IS strange.
Rain here too, Mr. Hermit. Coffee and cookies sound wonderful. 'Hope you made plenty.

Randall said...

I'll agree with previous post about the child, wild animals, coyotes, ect. People disappear all the time but in a small town, makes you wonder. Spontaneous combustion?Raining here, blueberry muffin with coffee.

Sixbears said...

The bus disappearance is a tough one.

That area is about a 3 hour drive from my house. I'll have to ask my VT friends if they know any more.

linda m said...

Don't think I will be visiting VT anytime soon. If I want to just vanish into thin air I think I'll just wait for this Friday 12/21/12 when the world ends and I just go phfttt. lol! Coffeee inside 9very dreary here0 sounds good as do sugar cookies.

JO said...

The walker could have been attached by a mountain lion and so she was eaten too. Just saying.
We are dry today but should get more rain by Tue. night into Wed.
Sugar cookies sound soooo good. Fresh ground coffee coming up.

HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
I've heard that pigs will eat nearly anything!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Phyllis...
Pretty gruesome way to go!

Plenty of cookies to go 'round! Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Randall...
Does make you wonder, doesn't it?

More noticable in a small town, I reckon!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Sixbears...
I figured that you might have some friends in VT. that could tell you more!

Thanks, my friend, for coming over today!

Hey Linda...
No need in taking any chances, that's for sure!

Guess we are all waiting to see if anything is going to happen on the 21st!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Hey Jo...
Fresh coffee and home made cookies! Sounds like a good plan to me!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over today!

JO said...

Oh I meant attacked DAH! I should read things before I hit publish. hahaha

Dizzy-Dick said...

It's aliens beaming them up to their space ship.

Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Just wanted you to know I still read daily but haven't had any thing worthwile to add. Have fun.

BBC said...

Strange things happen everywhere.