Saturday, May 18, 2013

How About A Flying Car...?

The idea of a flying car goes back a lot farther than you would think. Way, way back!

The idea of a flying vehicle that you could drive on the road has even been in the mind of the tgovernment, but you can bet that what they want to use it for isn't to commute back and forth to work, ya know?

Jess Dixon’s Flying Auto

This flying car is almost a legend, and besides this photo and a brief mention of the vehicle in a newspaper clipping from Andalusia, Alabama, it might as well have not existed at all. According to the story, the photo above is of Jess Dixon; it was supposedly taken sometime around 1940. Although it’s considered a flying car by aviation history buffs, the machine is actually closer to a “roadable helicopter,” due to the two overhead blades spinning in opposite directions. In other words, it’s a gyrocopter that can also roll.

The Flying Auto was powered by a small forty-horsepower engine, and foot pedals controlled the tail vane on the back, allowing Mr. Dixon to turn in mid-air. It was also supposed to be able to reach speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour (160 kph), and was able to fly forwards, backwards, sideways, and hover. Not bad for a flying car that was never heard from again.

The research into flying autos was still being seriously studied and prototypes built as recently as 2009. If you want to see some of the others, check out the list at listverse right here!

You would think that after all these years, we would have something more exciting than what we have now. Hey, just saying...!

I'm thinking maybe we should try the patio for coffee this morning, if that's alright with you!


Chickenmom said...

Remember when way back in the 50's, Popular Science would have articles on the future? Seems like everyone would be driving 'cars' through the air to get around! Coffee on the patio sounds great - I'll bring a good, old fashioned lemon cake for all.

Gorges Smythe said...

The car that the Jetsons had was better-looking! ;-)

Sixbears said...

It's the 21st Century. Where the heck is my flying car?

MuddyValley said...

I remember seeing Moulton Talor's Aerocar flying above Portland Oregon as a traffic plane for one of the local radio stations when I was a kid. That was a good looking vehicle. I always wanted one. They were certified by the Feds and almost went into production, but couldn't round up enough orders.
The traffic is a lot worse now and they have to use something slower.:-)