Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank You, Walter Hunt...!

There are a lot of folks in our history that contributed some very useful products to us, most of which are still in use today!

Unfortunately, many of these inventors never got credit for their achievements. Certainly most of them were very deserving of the credit, and it's sad that it never came! Until now, that is!

Walter Hunt

Walter Hunt was an American mechanic born in New York in 1796. Throughout his life he worked as an inventor and he managed to create a variety of different devices. The lockstitch sewing machine, safety pin, a forerunner of the Winchester repeating rifle, a successful flax spinner, knife sharpener, streetcar bell, hard-coal-burning stove, artificial stone, street sweeping machinery, the velocipede, and the ice plough are his most notable creations.

Many of his creations have served as indispensable additions and improvements to basic activities and devices in modern times. This is especially true for things like the simple safety pin and the complicated sewing machine. Unfortunately, none of his extremely useful inventions managed to win him an award throughout his life (nor afterwards).

The next time that someone ask you if you knew who invented the safety pin, you can tell them about Walter Hunt! Who knows? That might come in handy someday!

Coffee out on the patio this morning. I don't think that the rain is coming, so we should be good to go!


kare said...

Summer is here in the desert already. Should be pleasant on the portch at about 3 a.m.
i'm thinking iced-tea might be nice.
Thanks for sharing this.

My grandfather invented something.. but i can't remember what? Isn't that awful:[

Chickenmom said...

Never knew that! What would we ever do without safety pins? It's downright cold here @ 28. This should be the last of the cold weather. Tomorrow night should be in 50's. To celebrate, I'll bring a big box of DD's - you know which ones Jo & I get first!

Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

Baby Sis said...

Bubba - The safety pin, huh? I've never wondered about that one, but still curious about who tied the first bow as we know it.....humm?

Big hugs -

Sixbears said...

We tend to forget that even fairly simple things like the safety pin had to be invented by someone.

linda m said...

God bless Walter Hunt. Don't know what I would do without the safety pin. Coffee outside sounds good to me.

JO said...

Good to know about this man. Better late than never they say.

We had a good down pour this morning while the sun was shining. Pretty rainbow followed.

Mamahen said...

One of the litte mysteries answered! Goin everyone out on the patio and have some strawberry shortcake if anyone would like some..

HermitJim said...

Hey Kare...
Ice tea weather is close here as well! Like coffee, I can drink it at any time!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Phyllis...
I can't believe that it is still so cold there! 83 at noon out on the patio!

I know, I know...you and Jo get the chocolate ones!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Sis...
I can't help ya on the bow thing, but I'm betting that it must have been a sailor!

Thanks for coming by today.

Hey Sixbears...
It always amazes me that someone even thinks of things like that!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Hey Linda...
Sure does come in handy for so many things. Makes you wonder what they used before it was around!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Jo...
I like seeing the rainbow after a rain. It's comforting somehow!

Have a great day, and thanks for the visit, sweetie!

Rob said...

Thank You Walter Hunt! The safety pin has saved the day on more than one occasion...I have 2 packs (1 large & 1 small) in the drawer right now!

Dizzy-Dick said...

My mother used safety pins for just about everything. Me. . . I would be hard pressed to find one.