Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day Of Spring...!

A new start after a slow Winter! Fresh flowers in the beds, bedding plants to put out in the garden, and a host of other good things to look forward to! Just gotta love it...I do.

Upgraded in 10DollarsWonder this morning...just to show how much I back this program. I have seen where some people are bad-mouthing the admin and the program, but as far as I'm concerned it's rock solid! If the truth be known, I would imagine that some of the people that are being so negative about this program are well in profit, but as often happens greed sets in and instead of looking at the long run, the focus becomes "Give me more!" Let me pass on a little secret to you...if you want a program to last, then support it! If you don't want to support it, why don't you just get out? That is just my opinion!

Along those same lines is AdProsperity! Here is a program that allows you to get in for as little as $1.00, gives you back 10% a day for 13 days, and allows 2 withdrawals per week! Below is an e-mail from the admin with an update...

"From the beginning I had planned to increase the limit of the maximum purchase amount every cycle (every 13 days). During the first stages of the growth, the $500 max purchase was designed to prevent the program from big spenders, to make sure it creates a stable growth momentum. I can say that this objective was achieved and we can proceed to rising the maximum purchase limit to $1000.Together with that I am also increasing the maximum active upgrades form 4 to 6."

This program is now 13 days old, has gone through a complete cycle , and the membership continues to grow nicely. I am completely satisfied with the complete operation of the program, and would have upgraded in it this morning as well...but I had already surfed for today so have to wait until tomorrow.

Now let me just say this. I have done my duty by telling you about these programs. Whether or not you join, that's your decision. Will I continue to support them? YES! Would I recommend them?...YES, and I have! Do I put my money where my mouth is?...YES!

I'm not a big spender, but I would not hesitate to stay with both the programs and continue to use them as vehicles to help make me better off financially than I was before I joined. Both have done that so far and I see no reason to think they will not continue to do that in the future!

Darn, I've let my coffee get cold! Oh well...time for some fresh anyway! Want to join me...?

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