Sunday, March 2, 2008

Survivor Sunday...

Well, remember when I told you yesterday that quiet time would come late? It didn't show up until about 1:00 a.m. The quiet talk between me and my sisters never took place as a group...although I did have a nice visit with each one one at a time! That's a good thing...right?

Noticed a lot of activity in my account at e2epay and 10DollarsWonder. Must be the effects of the recent rule enforcement about keeping the accounts active. You can read all the updates on the front page of either site. I did take the opportunity to re-purchase while I was visiting the sites. Might as well make that money work a little so I don't have to...right?

Today is the day that I repurchase into SurfProfitPro also. I like this program pretty well, and plan to stay with it as long as it runs. I am sorry to say that progress is a lot slower in a couple of other programs I'm in. However, I continue to support them and will go on advertising in hope that they will start to show some action. Time is the one commodity I have plenty the trick is to learn how to use it wisely...agreed?

Fresh coffee time for me...then I may have to go eat again! Bet I've gained about 5 or 10 pounds so far this weekend. (and you know what? It didn't hurt a bit!)

Be back later, probably! Have a good day!


blondie said...

Hey Jim,
puttin on a few pounds eh?
enjoy it!

glad you didn't mention that one program. I just updated my blog about it. sorry about that.

Happy Sunday,

HermitJim said...

Blondie...thanks for dropping by! Yeah, it seems to happen every time the family gets together...wonder why that is?

blondie said...

Hey one more note.
Go see my blog if you have referrals in ATU. They're having special calls for that one today. It's gonna rock!