Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey...We Are On Google...!

I was reading Blondie's blog this morning, and she was talking about Google. I decided just for fun (it's been a slow morning) to Google "hermitjim" and ...what do you know??? There we were!!! That's a little weird, huh? I mean, you just don't see your name in places like Google very often and to find it on the front page is really great! MORE THAN ONCE!!! And this blog, Blondie's Blog, and John's Blog are even on page 2 as well!

Man, I feel ....well, I don't know what I feel cause it was such a shock to find us there at all! Too bad we can't make some money off that, huh? Of course, just cause we're on Google doesn't mean that people are actually reading our blog, but that would be nice!

I better go and see what else I've been up to...I may be having more fun than I thought! Grab some coffee...I'll be back!

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