Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Has Sprung...!

Yep, it reads 68 on the patio...the sun is shining enough to make it seem like the low 70's, and I have a really bad case of Spring fever! Beautiful weather for us!

Let's talk for a minute about one of my favorite subjects...FOOD! Now day before yesterday I took a precooked ham, put it in the crock pot on the lowest setting, and left it overnight. Yesterday morning I made a brown sugar glaze and brushed it all over....MAN! With mashed 'taters, ham gravy and creamed peas it was a great meal! Last but not least, Mom made a chocolate pie! That will make you hurt yourself...eating a meal like that, ya know?

Then this morning, I made some poor man's kolachies...know what those are? You take the cheap brand of canned biscuits, flatten them out, place a "little Smokey" cocktail sausage in the middle and roll it up. Bake in the oven until the biscuits are done, take them out and brush the top with butter. That's it! Only problem is finding a place to stop eating them! (No wonder I am sporting a beer belly!)

As much as I enjoy eating...I enjoy making money even more! My two favorite programs have helped me along those those lines today! Received another referral bonus from 10DollarsWonder this morning and received payment from AdProsperity last night, and promptly upgraded again just before I surfed there! This program has always paid me very quickly to SolidTrustPay!

Certainly is a lot more pleasant than receiving 11 emails from a program in 2 days that has not paid me a dime! Maybe it's just me, but 11 emails in 2 days seems a bit much! I haven't counted the ones from today yet...afraid to!

Anyway, having said all that I am going to go have some fresh coffee and a ham sandwich! I might even force myself to have a piece of pie (just to not hurt my Mom's feeling's, ya know?)!


blondie said...

Did I hear Chocolate Pie?

Save a piece for me, would ya Jim? Yummmmm!

HermitJim said...

I'll try and save ya the last piece...but I can hear it calling my name! Would you like Cool Whip on it? ( I'm drooling on my keyboard here!)