Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

Almost the first day of Spring already...seems like the older I get the faster time flies. Or maybe it's because I'm just having too much fun! Either way, I'm glad to see Spring coming on. I'm pretty much a hot weather person.

Don't have a lot to say tonight, but I did want to give a big thank you to a little program that I have been using in the background every day for about a year or so. The name of the program is ClixSense. It's so automatic and so little time is involved in doing it, I almost forget to tell others about it. I get a check from them each and every month. Not much, but it's regular as clock work every month. I never turn down free money, no matter how small the amount. The way I see it, that's money I didn't have before.

I'll follow up later on with some progress reports on other programs, but tonight I'm gonna kick back , have a fresh cup of coffee, maybe watch a movie. I found this little blast from the past and thought I would close with it. Enjoy...OK?

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