Saturday, March 29, 2008

How About Downsizing...?

I want you to do something for me...ok? Look around the room that you're sitting in right now and see how big it is. Now picture the same room if it was 14ft. by 14 ft. Got it? Doesn't sound like a lot of room, does it? I think if you will take the time to measure out 14 ft., you will be surprised at just how much room it actually is! Now look at the way that things are arranged in that room. Could they be rearranged, or even moved out? Could you get by with something smaller that would serve the same purpose? See where I'm going with this?

The reason I bring this up today is because I have been looking at plans for a cabin...and I ran across 2 sets of plans that are really unique! Very small by today's standards, but spacious enough to have everything you need at the same time.

The first set of plans is for a standard cabin with a floor measurement of 14 by 14 with a loft for a bedroom and office. The plans are very complete and seem to contain a pretty good arrangement for everything, including an enclosed bathroom. It also has a porch in front (and could also have one in back) and uses solar panels and utilizes a rain water catchment system.

The second set is equally as compact, although a lot different in design. Instead of having a square floor plan, the design is set up with the floor plan in the shape of a polygon, or 5 sided figure with each side being equal. In this case the sides are 9 ft. long giving the total floor space of 140 sq.ft. The center height is 13 ft. Plenty of headroom, do you think?

I'm going to study these two sets of plans and see if either is what I need for building shelter in the country. I'll update you with further plans as I develop them. I expect this to be an ongoing thing so there will be plenty of updates, I'm sure. time for me!


blondie said...

Looking forward to your updates. Sounds like some nice plans you got there Jim :)
Just make sure you got enough room for some critters, lol.

HermitJim said...

Hey Girl...! You know that I am going to have Critters running around! A dog, couple of cats, chickens, and eventually a goat. I like goats! That's part of the reason for moving back to the country...I would rather be around most animals than some of the people I know! (present company not included, of course!)
Thanks for the comments and for dropping by!