Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slightly Better Tuesday...

So far the news for the day is better...my sister and I went down to the store and I bought a new printer. Buying new toys always makes me happy! Not only that, but the printer I got was advertised on sale for $48...pretty good, right? Well, we get up front at the checkout and the clerk only charges me $40 instead of $48...day is looking better and better! Paper was on sale also...

Then I found my favorite peanut butter had been re-released by Peter Pan. Touch of Honey...P.B. with a small amount of honey added! I love the stuff! And the CHOCOLATE!!! Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets...no nuts, no fillings, no frills...just plain milk chocolate! Couldn't find them anywhere! All of the sudden, there they were in row after row! Needless to say, I loaded up just in case I couldn't find them at another store!

So now I have a new printer, lots of paper and ink, and plenty of Chocolate to snack on while I'm working away! Just as we were starting to leave, I glanced into a bargain bin of DVDs and what do I see? Right there, close to the top...is a brand new copy of "Matrix: Revolution" for the best price ever! $5 for this soon-to-be classic! I could stand it no more! Had to go home on that one!

Now it's night...I am drinking some fresh Arabica coffee, getting ready to watch Matrix again, and looking forward to an even better day tomorrow! May we all have one...!

See ya later...OK?

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