Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little More About Me...

Maybe I should tell you a little more about that you might understand the unpredictable rantings and ravings of this blog! I'm sure that at times I may come across as a completely unorganized and unhappy individual, but that is not the case.

First of all, I'm a Scorpio! That alone should explain a LOT! I won't tell my exact age here, but suffice it to say that I have two grown children, 3 grand kids, and reached the age a year ago where I was old enough to retire, albeit early! (I was tired of working since I had my first job at the age of 12). So now I stay at home, do what I want, and earn a little extra from time to time from the Internet.

When I became single again about 10 years ago, I started down sizing both my living space and my possesions. One of the best things about being single is the fact that if I want, I can pack my stuff, gas up my truck, and move on. I now have an attitude that if I can't pack it up in one load, I don't need it! I can also get by in a lot smaller space than someone that has a family. My outlook on collecting things I don't need has also changed. I don't just buy things because someone else has it or because it's cool.

The things that are important to me have definitely changed over the past few years as well. The most valuable thing I have now is my time! I don't always use it as wisely as I should, but everything I do is to be able to make the most of the time I have. I don't rely on anyone but myself, although I do listen to my friends that are more knowledgeable than I am about certain things. Some times I follow their suggestions, sometimes I don't, but I always listen.

I'm not standoff-sh, but having been married before (more than once, I might add) I am a little more reluctant to get close to people I don't know. In fact, I don't allow myself to get real close to anyone! Easier to become disappointed and disillusioned when you are real close, ya know?

I like the quiet and peaceful settings of the country. I don't like crowds or crowded situations. I have few needs and fewer wants. I enjoy music, reading, animals, cooking, writing, and day dreaming. I also watch t.v. some...but I am sort of picky about what I watch. Older movies are my favorite with any commercial-free movie being my second choice.

That's about it...hope that tells you enough about me to understand why sometimes I rant and maybe even ramble some...kinda like today! Whadda ya say...let's get some fresh coffee!


blondie said...

Having coffee with ya now ;)

Enjoyed learning a little more about you. But you forgot something ...

You have a great sense of humor!!

That's the first thing I noticed about you. And that my friend, is a very good trait to have, especially in this day and age.

blondie w/coffee in hand

HermitJim said...

Thanks for the comment, Blondie! I try and show a little humor when I can...! Guess it can be a defense mechanism, ya know?