Monday, March 10, 2008


Boy, today has been a dismal day weather-wise. Rain all day, along with pretty high wind. It started out in the morning with sunshine and the temperature close to 70. By noon the temperature had dropped to 50, tonight it's cold and wet.'s Monday!

All-Teamed-Up and TotalTeamProfits both seem to be doing pretty well by all reports. Also on the good side, AdProsperity is rocking right along. I really hope this program last a while...and I plan to support it while it's doing well. In fact, I upgraded again today.

I think that I'll keep it short and simple tonight...and make some more coffee! I need a fireplace to ease up to! Oh well, when I build my cabin I'll be sure and put one in! Or at least, a wood burning stove...

Fresh coffee by the fire...aaahhhhh!

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