Friday, March 14, 2008

Well...It's Friday!

Of course, being retired means that Fridays don't have the same magical meaning that they used to! Still, there is something about Fridays...ya know?

Let's look at how AdProsperity is doing. All in all, I'd say that they (or we as members) are doing pretty well. Growth is steady, payouts are fast, admin is very active in communicating news and handling questions...all good signs as far as I'm concerned! A solid program so far with what appears to be a bright future!

Want to go over the basics again...? OK. Here they are for ya (I took this breakdown right off Blondie's blog!) Thanks, Blondie !

* Auto-Surf Site

* 10% daily for 13 days = 130% ROI

* 2 cashouts per week

* Minimum spend is $1

* Surf up to 50 pages for credits

* Accepts STP and Liberty Reserve

By the way, if you have never read Blondie's blog or John's blog (9PlanetReviews) you really should. You can always get the straight facts from both of these guys. Believe me, I know!

I'll be back later...after some more coffee!


blondie said...

Hey thanks for the plug Jim.

Was also eye balling your recipe for chocolate gravy! That sounds sinful. lol I do love my chocolate too!

Take care,

HermitJim said...

Thanks for dropping by, Blondie. Only one rule with the chocolate gravy, look at the amount you've made and when it seems like it's enough, double it!! Don't want to run out, ya know?