Friday, December 22, 2017

After Workout Surprise...!

As a rule, I like home cooked food. Occasionally I want something else, and that may not be a bad thing.

Recent studies have shown that having a burger or fries can be a good thing now and then. This article from Listverse explains it pretty much.

Grab A Burger, Not A Protein Bar

This one will come as a surprise without a doubt. For any who like to follow an athletic lifestyle, this will sound like heresy. Usually after a heavy workout or everyday exercise, people reach for energy bars, recovery drinks, and protein powders, generally because we tend to believe that dietary supplements provide a better boost than any normal food would. Well, here comes science to bring the roof down on you. When it comes to exercise recovery, supplements don’t hold a candle to fast food, a study has found.

In a heavy blow to the sports supplement industry after spending millions of dollars in campaigns showing top athletes working out and preparing clever taglines and banners to convince people to use their products, it turns out that you can just go to McDonald’s to get the recovery energy you need. Who would have thought that fries, hamburgers, and even hash browns fare better against Gatorade, PowerBar, and Cytomax?

However, this doesn’t mean that you can replace your post-workout supplements and just go on a chicken nugget binge. For the body, energy is energy, and a simple carbohydrate is just a simple carbohydrate. But the next time after working out when you face the decision between a burger or Muscle Milk, you can smile knowing that choosing the golden arches every once in a while isn’t bad for you.

Hey, I can go along with this study. I don't work out, but I figure that once in a while, eating out may brighten my day just a bit. Less dishes to wash as well, ya know?

Coffee out on the patio again this morning. Pickled eggs anyone?


JO said...

Well now that is a change in thought. I need to start doing a bit of working out but I think I have been saying that for the past 4 Decembers.

We are in a hard freeze here this morning at 25 degrees. So you know I won't be having my coffee out at my place, see you on your patio.

linda m said...

I don't work out and I do love to eat out; especially burgers. Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas

deb harvey said...

gets you out for a change of scene and you can people watch.
pickled eggs for breakfast?
i think i'll have the toast please.

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
Wow! That's pretty cold for you folks. The patio does sound better!
Thanks, dear, for coming over today!

Hey Linda...
We have that in common, it seems. Guess we are pretty normal after all.
Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Deborah...
The eggs are really pretty good. Better than they sound, but kinda spicy.
Thanks for the visit this morning!

Sixbears said...

I suspected that a lot of those supplements were scams. 2 degrees here this morning. Snow just started to come down. 6 - 9 inches predicted today. Going to need more coffee.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sixbears...
I suspect you're right about that. Rather have the burger anyway!
Thanks for coming over this morning!

Dizzy-Dick said...

It has been awhile since I had a fast food burger, but my wife made me my favorite food tonight. . . Louisiana boudin sausage with fried eggs. Yum, Yum.