Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family Christmas Party...!

Once again, it's time for the family get together at Mom's house.

Seems like every year fewer and fewer folks show up. Guess that for some, family doesn't matter much. Even with the promise of free food and gifts, many are just too busy to get with the rest of the family. The way I look at it, Mom is 88 now and who knows how many more holidays she will be around for. I don't like the holidays as I've stated many times, but I hang around Mom's doing what I can and trying to play nice! That ain't always easy, ya know?

So today, after 4 trips to the grocery store, cleaning up at Mom's and getting all the cookies baked...I finally get to do my laundry! This is Friday night and tomorrow is the big day! I always do my post the evening before it's published, so this will post at midnight Saturday morning. Clear as mud, right?

At least after the get-together, things will settle back down for a week. At least, I hope so!

Let's have our morning coffee outside again. Supposed to be some bad weather moving in, but maybe we'll get lucky!


Caddie said...

"this will post at midnight"
Yes and I've always wondered how you do that - more computer literate that I'll ever be.

Hope the party is a joy for all this year and that Mom will be around for many more. We tend to ignore that life is short.

You are a good son, Hermit, a very good son.

Linda said...

Sissy, there is something about scheduling in the post area. You can go there and schedule posts.

You are a good man to think so highly of your mother's happiness and how she may not be around for much longer. You will never regret what you do for her.

Chickenmom said...

I hope everyone has a good time, Mr. Hermit. And I hope everyone appreciates all the work you do! Any of those cookies left??

BBC said...

I haven't done much about christmas for years, and the old lady next door thinks it is all nonsense also. And there is no family around me so I don't have to deal with that either.

Have a good next year.

Mamahen said...

We use to do more when my Mother and all my sibs were living, and all the "kids" in the family were small. Now my. hubby n I decorate inside a little, and treat each other like kids lol. My daughter n her hubby will be here Christmas eve for awhile n again Christms day for our dinner....Hope you and your mother have a good time today with family! Enjoy each day with her. Merry Christmas to you both!

Mamahen said...
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linda m said...

You and your family are fortunate to still have your mother with you. Both my parents are gone and I would willing put up with my family (who I don't get along with) just to see my parents again. Thank you for being a good son and helping your mother. Save a cookie or two for me.

JO said...

Hope this day turns out to be a happy day for your Mom. You truly are a great Son.

I had always loved holidays but not much anymore. Family to divided.

Hope you don't get hit with the nasty mess we had yesterday. Back into the cold low 50's here.
So a nice cup on the patio sounds good.