Sunday, November 26, 2017

Musical Sunday...!

Time again for something a little different. Here are some really unusual instruments and the wonderful sounds they can make. The first one is amazing!

I told ya this would be something different, didn't I?

Coffee out on the patio again today. Seems like Spring wants to return early.


JO said...

Pretty cool and amazing what talented people can come up with.

It is chilly now but the they are predicting 91 for today's high

Rob said...

That was good! It reminded me of the Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota, I know I saw a Ben Franklin glass instrument like in the video.

Spring? Winter doesn't start for weeks. With that in mind I'm heading for Florida next week!

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
You just never know about what the weather is going to do anymore
Thanks for dropping by today, sweetie!

Hey Rob...
I know! Hard to keep up with the seasons anymore, isn't it? Careful on the trip south.
Thanks for coming over today!

Cerulse said...

Neat! And yes, the first one is the best. :)