Friday, December 14, 2007

Finally Friday...

I just had to rant a bit this morning to get this negativeness off my chest, then I'll be able to calm down some!

In roaming atround the web and visiting the websites that I go to daily, I have occasionally visited some sites that have videos that automatically started up when you hit the page. I am sure that you've seen them...high volumn, uninvited and for the most part, full of crap! The part that I REALLY hate is to have one of these irritating videos come on the screen and Not have a visible way to pause or cut them off! To me this is totally RUDE! Rude and very, very unprofessional!

I don't have a lot of rules about things on the web...but the guidelines I have are very important to me! If you send me an uninvited email and I don't know you, I report it as spam and delete it! If you put a pop-up on a page I hit, I delete it and move on. I will not be forced to watch a sales video, or a pop-in, pop-under, be re-directed to another page or site, have so-called music crammed down my throat, have to sit and read the oh-so-obvious lies that seem to spawn anew each and every day! I don't do MLM, Pre-launch, Group buying and any other seemingly unending tactic to get me to look at an opportunity!

It's soooo simple to me! If you have an opportunity that you think is worthwhile, then invite me to look at it. Do so in a civilized, non-aggressive manner without bombarding me with all the rudeness! There is enough of that floating around...and more is NOT better! All I am saying is that all advertising should be done smartly and with the element of common sense and manners! Remember them? Do unto others...and all that!

Enough said...gonna go get some more coffee! Thanks for letting me rant a bit, ok?

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